February 26, 2015
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It’s money that makes the world go round! Yaayy!! An alternative way of looking at today’s news…..

February 19, 2015

The world today – the really important news

1.  I am always staggered by what is considered to be newsworthy in the media that we are presented with. Today it’s the obesity epidemic. Obese? Too fat? Eat too much? Well, people, eat less, take more exercise and get over it. Problem solved, I think.
Or…’The government must do something to stop us eating!’

2.  Shock, horror! Pneumatic model has a tantrum in the Big Brother house! Omigod! Who’d have thought it? Frankly, the fact that reality TV is popular at all is evidence, if any was needed, that the average citizen should not be allowed the vote or even to choose the colour of their shirt.

3.  Next, it’s cosmetic surgery…a parade of women who have paid loadsa money to look like caricatures of themselves, a parody of beauty like something out of a horror film. Get over it. If you’re ugly, compensate. If you’re good-looking, it won’t last. If you’re getting older, well, we all get older. Get over it. Look natural.
Or…’The government must do something to regulate these people!’

4.  Expensive child care? New poverty trap? Mum’s can’t afford to pay? Well, stay at home and bring up baby…like mums used to do when I was a sprog (or when my kids were sprogs). What the hell’s wrong with that? How much money do you really need? Isn’t it better to bring up a new generation of well-balanced individuals for whom home-and-hearth mean something more than computer games and the TV set and effing Big Brother.
Or…’shouldn’t the government do something?’

Well, don’t expect the government to sort things out. I live in Portugal which, along with Spain, was a fascist dictatorship for 40 years. Fascism puts the state before the individual and prescribes everything – bureaucracy goes mad. It still affects every aspect of life here and it’s immensely frustrating trying to get anything done. Believe me, people, you don’t want this! Stop whingeing, get over it and sort things out yourself.

Sorry, I’m just a grumpy old man.

Next, the real news:

Ukraine and everyone’s bogey man, Vladimir Putin. Will he do a Ukraine on the Baltic states? Bad Vladimir.
Well, I’m sure that Putin is as devious and mendacious as any western politician but he is a patriotic Russian and will do what he thinks is best for Russia and, by that, I mean what is best for Russian oligarchs.  However, let’s remember that Russia has never attacked the west, it has only ever tried to protect its massive land mass. Everything else (ie, proxy wars) was just to irritate the west and the US is just as guilty of this so let’s not throw too much mud around. Russia has plenty of history of western invasion to reflect on: Napoleon and Hitler to name but two but they were earlier terrorised by Sweden. However, no one will ever invade Russia because it is just too big and will always have Generals January and February on its side. The Russians can simply retreat and burn the crops until the supply lines of the invaders become impossibly long and they can then counter-attack. That’s how they’ve always done it. They actually have nothing to fear militarily except fear itself.

So, a threat to the Baltic states? Maybe, although I suspect that they would never be so stupid as to do it because of NATO. I detect a lot of Stalinist posturing. What impresses me about Putin is that he couldn’t give a shit what the west thinks of him. The Russians love him but, in the end, he will realise that he is as much a victim of the bankers as anyone.  Think about it: Russia exports energy and has lots of it. The Americans want to hit Russia where it hurts and sanctions don’t really work. Oil was expensive but its value has fallen from around $150 a barrel to $50. A fall of 70%? Almost overnight? How can that happen?

Well, you need to understand that money is not real. The dollar is not backed by gold, it is backed by oil. It’s called the petro-dollar. It is worth exactly what the bankers say it’s worth, not a penny more, not a penny less. Who decides this? The Anglo-American investment banks tied in with the big oil companies, of course. You know, HSBC, Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers. That lot. The ones that were too big to fail in 2008. The ones with assets greater than most countries. Who owns world debt? Well, they do. Who finances wars? They do. Who owned British debt after World War II? You guessed it. Who owned Nazi debt after the same conflagration? Right again. Wars cost money. So who gains from wars? I won’t insult your intelligence.

Now, these finance organisations know that war results in changes in world power balance and, if controlled carefully, can be beneficial to them. It also kills a lot of people but, hey, the human race has always been able to replace itself in a few years hasn’t it? So, the really important thing, the reason why so many have to die, is to fulfil some mendacious post-war plan that is the reason for the war. In the case of WWII it was to ensure US dominance as a superpower to rival the USSR, at the same time dismantling the British Empire (at President Roosevelt’s insistence). The US didn’t come into WWII as a shining knight to defeat the evil of Nazism. The nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan to demonstrate to the Soviets what the US could do to them as the Pacific war was effectively already lost by Japan. The beautiful non-strategic German city of Dresden was destroyed by allied bombing in February 1945 as a demonstration to the advancing Soviet army of what could happen to them if they got too far into Europe. This worked wonderfully, although a lot of innocent civilians had to die. Strategically, it also worked long-term as the USSR was unsustainable in the face of capitalism and collapsed with a whimper leaving the USA dominant. The bankers rubbed their hands.

So, let’s look at the power blocs in the world today: there is the US, Russia, China and Europe with India and Brazil emerging. The EU has an economy greater than the US and Russia combined and it has its own currency, the Euro. China has the world’s largest bank and largest population as well as becoming the engine for production. China uses the dollar as its reserve currency but would like an alternative and there is really only the Euro. Alarm bells in Wall Street. What better way to destabilise the Euro than to engineer a financial crisis that is already in the making due to the bungling European Commission in setting up a common currency without any fiscal controls? Greek debt is 300bn Euros. It cost the UK government £800bn to save the UK banks. Greek debt is insignificant to the overall European economy.  The obvious way to stop Greece leaving the Euro and worsening the Eurozone crisis is to cancel Greek debt. But who owns it?  Actually, in this case I think it’s German banks but who did they offset the risk with? You guessed it again. Incidentally, in 2008, the UK government could have written off the debt of everyone in the UK for less than the cost of saving the banks but chose not to because, if they had, the banks would have had no reason for existing. So, when push comes to shove, guess where the government’s priorities lie? You guessed it again! Well done.

When it comes to war, I always like to look at who benefits – who has the motive? Well, war has always been a great way of ending a recession and this can only benefit the people who issue money and own debt. It happened in the late 1930s and has carried on with the various gulf wars which have resulted in massive re-arming of Gulf States with mostly US weapons. Israel is always good for this as well. Wars start with destabilisation and a lot of talking and posturing. Hitler and Czechoslovakia, Saddam Hussein with WMDs, you know the story. Now we have instability in Asia Minor and the whole Middle East. Frankly, the time has never been more appropriate for a Middle-Eastern war, we have Islamic terrorism everywhere making people angry, Arabs killing Arabs and the occasional western aid worker or journalist, the failure of democracy, we have failed states and dictatorships everywhere in the Middle East, civil war, oil price collapse and a world recession. Remember that democracies never go to wear against other democracies. The stage is set, ladies and gentlemen.

What’s the motive? Well, for the US it would be to stop the growing influence of China and Russia by messing up the Middle East and Central Asia. Plus lots of arms sales. For China, it’s access to the middle east’s oil wealth. For Russia, it’s to stop that.

And behind it all, when the smoke of the upcoming middle-eastern war has all settled, over the bodies of the tens of thousands who will die, please remember that it is only money that makes the world go round.

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February 17, 2015

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10 facts that you thought were true….an alternative view of the world by F William Engdahl.

February 15, 2015
  1. The Pound, Euro or Dollar in your pocket is worth what it says on the front
  2. Banks exist for your benefit
  3. The US Ferderal Reserve and Bank of England are state-owned governmental bodies
  4. The price of oil is dependent on the market forces of supply-and-demand.
  5. Oil is a fossil fuel, like coal
  6. The supply of oil is limited and will become depleted
  7. The four-fold hike in oil prices in 1973 was due to the greed of the oil producers
  8. The War on Terror is intended to restabilise the world
  9. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Boko Haram are religous extremist organisations whose only agenda is to spread radical Islam.
  10. The USA wants to spread democracy across the world

In fact, none of these is true.

F William Engdahl is a US/German historian and economist with some interesting and outspoken views on the commonly-held beliefs that most of us have regarding how our world functions.  What he says about geopolitics is authoritative and well-researched, casting a spotlight into a shadowy, cynical world of exploitation by those with money and power.  He has written a number of books and, if only a fraction of what he claims is true, the world is a rather bleaker place than you’d like to believe.  Have a read of this interview and see what you think:

#Ukraine – What’s really happening there – Part IV? This week, Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the USSR had invaded Germany and Ukraine in WW2. Despite attempts by the Western press to bury the story, Russia is now demanding answers from Berlin.

February 9, 2015

Here’s the text:

This week, Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the USSR had invaded Germany and Ukraine in WW2. Despite attempts by the Western press to bury the story, Russia is now demanding answers from Berlin.

Nothing is louder than silence. I know this, you know this and you can be sure that Angela Merkel knows it too. Why then is the Chancellor’s government refusing to comment on Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s extraordinary remarks? The reasons are complex, as I will shortly outline. First, though, here’s what Yatsenyuk actually said.

“All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany,” he told German-state broadcaster ARD. ”We need to avoid [a repeat of] it.”

“Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War,” he also added. ”Russia’s President Putin is trying to do exactly this.”

When I saw the comments on my Twitter timeline, I was initially convinced it was a joke. So much disinformation is circulated on the platform that I automatically dismissed it as a misquote. Surely a senior politician wouldn’t say something like that? Only 24 hours later, when I saw Yatsenyuk’s words still swooshing through the Twitter-sphere, did I realize that he actually did utter those words.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, apparently handpicked for the PM post by US diplomat Victoria Nuland, believes the USSR invaded Germany in WW2. This runs contrary to the almost universally accepted narrative that Germany actually attacked the Soviets first in Operation Barbarossa. After repelling the attack, USSR forces eventually made it to Berlin where they met the other liberating powers, the USA and Britain.

Naturally, some are claiming that Yatsenyuk made a slip of the tongue. This is hogwash. The only thing that dropped was his mask. I’ve heard similar remarks before and the location was Western Ukraine, where the PM is from. Yatsenyuk hails from Chernivsti, widely regarded as the region’s second cultural capital, after Lvov, which is viewed by many as the nationalist stronghold.

Something interesting used to happen each May 9 in Ukraine (the anniversary of the German surrender in 1945). Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and all the other major cities, bar one, honored the defeat of the Nazis. Many in Lvov have never looked too happy with the day. In fact, in 2011, local ‘patriots’ went a step further by attacking a small gathering of veterans who were commemorating the occasion.

The reason for this feeling is simple. West Ukrainians believe that they lost the war. Their side was defeated. Put simply, Yatsenyuk is merely a product of his environment. However, this time he expressed publicly a view that was probably previously restricted to private discourse. It’s possible that he felt a German audience might have been sympathetic to his position. If so, that was a huge misread of the German people.

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.(Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko)Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.(Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko)

Standard North American and Western European history textbooks give students the impression that WW2 in Europe was a fight between Germany, the USSR, France and the UK, with the US getting involved later. The other countries where the war was fought are, largely, regarded as victims of Germany. This is simplistic. In reality, Germany wasn’t alone in its invasion of the USSR in 1941. Forces from Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia also took part and West Ukrainian elements collaborated with Hitler’s war machine.

The difference between Ukraine and, for example, Slovakia is that Slovaks have come to understand that their wartime behavior was wrong. The pro-Nazi leader, Jozef Tiso, is rightly reviled among the vast majority in Kosice and Bratislava. However, in West Ukraine, their chief Hitler acolyte Stepan Bandera is accorded ‘hero’ status. Indeed, there’s a gigantic statue of him in front of the main railway station in Lvov.

Ukrainian reverence for relics of the Nazi past is both embarrassing and worrying for Germany. I’m sure Merkel often wishes that her NATO allies had found a more reasonable client state to antagonize Russia with. Ukraine’s refusal to deal with its past head-on is a festering boil for EU diplomats.

Just this week, the Czech President, Milos Zeman, was embroiled in an argument with Bandera fan boys in Ukrainian academia.

“You are aware of the Bandera statement: ‘You must kill every Polish person between 16 and 60 years of age?’ If you say you don’t know this – then what kind of scholars of Ukrainian studies are you?” he wrote.

Zeman continued: “I want to tell you that Bandera wished to make out of Ukraine a vassal state of Germany… I can’t congratulate a country that has such ‘national heroes.’”

This also explains the silence of German media on Yatsenyuk’s words. If the German public were made fully aware of what the visitor from Kiev had said, they would be outraged. So much so that Merkel could be forced to withdraw all support for Ukraine.

If Yatensyuk’s comments were widely circulated, they would embolden revisionists in Germany and beyond – something there is, sadly, no shortage of.

Just as it seemed the story would fade away, the Russian Foreign Ministry made a late intervention, asking Berlin to outline its official position on Yatsenyuk’s verbiage. The reply, assuming it ever arrives, will be telling.

#Ukraine – What’s really happening there, Part III?

February 9, 2015

My last blog post had a link to a letter written by some survivors of Stalingrad to Angela Merkel and I thought it would be worth posting the text in English.  Before reading it, remember that World War II was essentially a fight of Nazism versus Communism.  We in the west have always concentrated on the good versus evil angle which is correct and appropriate but in the context of ‘The Great Patriotic War’ (as Russians call WWII) what happened in western Europe was a side show.  450,000 Uk citizens lost their lives, 420,000 Americans.  Terrible figures, but remember that around 22 to 28 million Russianss died and 6 million Jews.   Here is the letter:

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Every Museum desires to do educational outreach, and the Museum-Panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad is no exception.

(Visit its site here:  

On January 22, it hosted a Round Table discussion with actual survivors of the historic battle. These old soldiers, still resident in the Volgograd region, Maxim Matveyevich Zagorulko, Alexander Kolotushkin, Maria V. Sokolov, Mikhail Tereshchenko, Eugene F. Rogov, and Alexander Yakovlevich Sirotenko, in their late 80’s or even early 90’s, looked at the present world as well as at the past, and produced an open letter, a “letter of the living” to the Chancellor of Germany. The full text is on several Russian language sites. Their letter follows, in English. 

Letter of the Living

to Frau Angela Dorothea Merkel from the Veterans of the Stalingrad Battle

Dear Frau Merkel,

Here in the 70th year after the victory over Nazism, we, veterans of that terrible war and participants in that most horrible combat, are aware that a spectre again is haunting Europe, a spectre of the Brown Plague. This time it is Ukraine that has become the nursery of Nazism, where from the fountainhead of an ideology in ultranationalism, antisemitism, and inhumaneness, there have come into practice rejections of other cultures, physical violence, elimination of dissenters, and murders motivated by ethnic hatred.

Before us there stand familiar pictures: torchlight parades, thugs in nazi-emblemed uniforms, upraised right hands in the Nazi salute, fascist processions with police protection through the center of Kiev, and the imposition, on certain people, of second-class status.

We have seen all this before, and we know where it leads.

In Ukraine the Brown Plague has been smoldering over the last decade, and has broken out into a civil war. Nazist-like formations such as Right Wing (Praviy Sektor), such as the so-called National Guard, numerous informal but well-armed battalions like “Azov,” with regular Ukrainian army support, with air strikes and with heavy artillery, have been systematically destroying the population of Eastern Ukraine.

They are murdering innocent people simply because the people wish to speak their own language, because they have a different idea about the future of their country, and because they do not wish to live in a government led by Banderists.

Banderists are followers of the so-called Ukraine Liberation Army, which, we remind you, Frau Merkel, fought in the time of the Second World War on the side of the Vermacht, and with the SS Galizia Division, who distinguished themselves in the murder of Soviet Jewry. They exalt their idealogical forebears, renaming the streets of Ukrainian cities after Nazi war criminals! The history of the 20th Century is being rewritten before our eyes. No wonder that the Banderists of our time — with a fanaticist’s gleam that is familiar to us veterans from the front of the World War, at Stalingrad — are calling for wiping Donbass off the face of the earth, and incinerating citizens of their own country in the east with napalm! There is documentary evidence that they have killed people simply for wearing the Ribbon of St. George, our symbol of the victory over fascism.

The truth is, Frau Merkel, that in Ukraine an all-out orgy of fascism is going on. It’s not just some anti-semitic remarks in Parliament or by dropouts about the superiority of one “race” over another. It is a matter of full-scale bloody crimes, whose victims now number in the hundreds and in the thousands.

But the west has taken a very strange position, and we do not understand it. The position can be understood as accommodating Ukrainian Nazis. It is understood in Ukraine as the position of Europe, and it is beginning to be perceived as such in Russia. And we would like to know what the German people would say about it from the vantage point of their historic national experience.

It is important for us to know your view, the view of the leader of the great people that once suffered the Brown Plague, but at the cost of terrible sacrifice, recovered from it. We are aware of how they struggle in your country with any manifestations of Nazism, and believe us, we appreciate it. All the more, it makes us wonder why, cleaning out any possible germs of nazism in you country, you are unconcerned about a full-scale outbreak of it in another part of Europe?

Why do European leaders march in support of French caricaturists murdered by Islamic terrorists, but do not march against fascism in Ukraine? Why did the head of state, who ordered annihilation of part of his own population, participate in this march? Why do 12 French victims deserve attention, but thousands of Ukrainian and Russian victims do not?

Do you know how many children got killed in East Ukraine by thugs with Nazi emblems on their uniform? Do you want to know? We will offer you this information — if you do not already have it. Why do the people of Europe look calmly upon the massive violence in Ukraine? Is it simply because there is no mention of it in your mainstream media? Then where is their well-known independance? Independance from facts? Independance from truth? What is the actual goal of your economic sanctions? Weaken Russia as a power? Support Fascism in Ukraine? Or just to eliminate our pensions which we get as veterans of the World War?

Dear Frau Merkel, the grim history of the 20th Century has taught us a few lessons.

1. The re-writing of history is the first path to Nazism.

Every European fascist regime in the 20s and 30s started with this. And this is the path they have traveled in Ukraine: from re-writing schoolbook histories to the widespread demolition of Soviet memorials. The acme of falsehood was uttered  by Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk in the German media about “the Soviet Union invading Germany and Ukraine”! It would be interesting to know your sentiments about that, the sentiments of a leader where holocaust-denial is a crime entailing actual time in prison.

2. The search for scapegoats is a manifestation of Nazism.

Fascist regimes blame every failure of their country on various groups, ethnic, social, religous. In years past, this was the Jews and the Communists. In today’s Ukraine, the assigned scapegoats are Russians, Russia, and the entire east of the country.

3. If Nazism appears in one country, the disease can spread throughout the world

You cannot promote nazism in one country and suppose that it will stay within that country’s borders. The wave of Nazism spreads to all, overstepping boundaries. That’s the reason they called Nazism “The Brown Plague.” Nazism must be stopped at the distant approaches, lest it arrive in your house.

4. Nazism cannot be ignored; it must be resisted.

Should anyone suppose that one can simply ignore Ukrainian fascism, and pay no attention to it, he is utterly in error. The nature of Nazism is such that it takes being ignored as encouragement, even as an acknowledgement of its strength. Nazism is never local; it can only root, and grow. Therefore the only way with Nazism is an active bitter struggle against it.

5. The most important weapon in the struggle against nazism in its early stages is the truth.

In short, truth defeats nazism. By exhibiting the inhumane essence of nazism, the inhumane essence revealed in it own ideology, in the exhortations of its adherents, in its actual executions of persons, we fight against nazism as it is. Historical truth is the best shield against nazism. If their own government wouldn’t hide the history of their country and their people from the youth, there would be fewer nazi followers in Ukraine. Current mass media play a huge role: they can either form nazism, or they can fight it.

Dear Frau Merkel! In Russia, as successor to the USSR, we have a special and historic mission. 70 years ago, at the cost of the worst casualties of the war, we put an end to nazism in Europe. We personally, Stalingraders all, with superhuman effort, changed the course of history, not just our history, but European history, yes, world history. And we cannot allow the recrudescence of nazism. Certainly not next door! We have fought it; we will fight it; we invite you to fight it together!

A character, archetype of a fascist boss, in a well-known and favorite film here is made to say: “As soon as anywhere, instead of saying ‘Hello’ they say ‘Heil!’ you’ll know: that is where they are waiting for us, and that is where we will start our great revival.”

Frau Merkel, “Heil” is heard everywhere in Ukraine, openly, with official support. It is time for the whole European world to stop this bane.

We very much hope that the German people, and all Europe, together with the people of Russia, will stamp out the reptile, root and branch.

#Ukraine – What’s really happening there, Part II?

February 9, 2015

Here is a letter written by friend John Milward to his UK MP:

We are again in Ukraine. We have all been fed a daily diet of rhetoric, hearsay, offered little more in evidence than uncorroborated online media and I am sure there are a few people who actually believe that nonsense. The real evidence points in the opposite direction. First of all the ordinary people of the eastern Ukraine have been under attack from the Kiev junta for more than a year now, many of the women and children evacuated across the Russian border more than six months ago, some billeted with Russian families some in refugee camps.

 Contrast that with the terrible hardship of living in Kiev where life continues as normal.

The incessant shelling of the past few days have created somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 casualties of innocent largely rural people.

Many Political analysts warned from the day the junta were installed that the new regime were little more than Fascist thugs, with some qualification. The Banderists  who fought with the Vermacht in the 2nd World War who distinguished themselves with the mass murder of Russian Jewry  and attempted genocide of neighbouring enemies are the same Ukrainian Fascist groups.

So despite the obvious question – “Why would anyone back them ever?”  these Nazis had barely wiped their feet on the doormat of power when they were officially recognised by the British government. The weekend of shelling amounts to an attempt at ethnic cleansing and borders on attempted genocide.

Yet we are told that this is all Putins fault. I do not believe there is any real empirical evidence that can be corroborated or it would have been used to ramp up this war still further. If there were satellite surveillance or real intelligence it would have been used. What the Russians have gathered on the Ukraine border is tens of thousands of eastern Ukrainian refugees .

I tell you this because it is my duty in international law to inform you of international criminal acts and as my elected representative it is your duty to do whatever is necessary to prevent the mass murder of innocent people. The very least the British government can do is withdraw any support from the Kiev Junta forthwith.

There is a letter from the survivors of Stalingrad to Angela Merkel here is the link.

The English translation