Yeah, well, this isn’t about me, it’s about the books, of course.  For those interested, I’m the wrong side of 50 but still look fabulous although one of my legs fell off this morning.  I started this blog as a diary to record thoughts and events of a writer from getting an agent to finally say ‘yes’ to finally seeing it on the shelf at Megabooks.  It’s a voyage of discovery for me and maybe you as well.  Anyway, look, if you have any views on writing , books, publishing, the price of caipirinha, please leave a comment……..


6 Responses to About

  1. Vasco says:

    Hi Roger, I wonder what this @Flight into Darkness may be,,,,
    Do you have anything published, or is it just a project?
    I have a son who writes books to fill up his time, but no one reads them, I wish you better luck…
    At the moment it is here 9 Deg. Celsius negative, you win by a margin of some 18 to 20…

  2. rogerjhardy says:

    Hi Vasco. Greetings fro the sunny Algarve. I’ll send you a copy of the latest version of FID You’ll be the first to read it as my agent’s on holiday. It is about to become an international best seller…well, I can dream, can’t I?

  3. Milan Cvrkal says:

    Hi Roger,
    I hope you remember me well! Being at EASA for the 8th GA PCM meeting I spoke to Emilie (Verkouter) also about you. She offered me your blog.
    Therefore, I wish to greet you in your current place hoping everything is okay with you and you enjoy it as much as possible.
    Best regards,
    Milan Cvrkal

  4. Anonymous says:

    Milan, of course I remember you! You provided the Czech text in my latest book which I’m still trying to get published! I hope all is well with you at CAA-Cz and hope you forgive us for stealing Stepan! Regards from sunny Portugal.

  5. robert says:

    hi Roger, i found your blog after reading your letter in the Portugal News about law 54/2005 (Hydric Dominium). I live in Ferragudo and looking to form a group of interested parties to handle/fight this. Please contact me. Thanks, Robert.

  6. Roger Hardy says:

    Hi Robert, It’s a mess but our Condo has commissioned a guy to look into the property records and we’re still waiting for him to get back to us. In the end, it’s the law, whether we like it or not. Email me on rogerjhardy100@yahoo.co.uk

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