Book promotion – did Indie Author News increase my sales of Flight Into Darkness? Read on….

May 2, 2014

Just a quick update on the self-publication promotion of  In February, I used a KDP countdown price reduction and tied this in with twitter, blogging, Goodreads review group, articles in the local press, etc.  The result was downloads of 61 (not all Flight Into Darkness) plus some good ratings, although these were very temporary.  In April, I decided to use Alan Kealey’s Indie Author News, along with the usual social media.  The article on the book and author interview were all exactly as I’d hoped, and Alan then tweets on your behalf a few times a day; I retweet them.  Basically, he did everything that he said he’d do and worked hard at the promotion.  His approach was professional and I coud not criticise his work or website in any way.  Anyway, I guess you’re interested in the bottom line….how many downloads of Flight Into Darkness did it result in?


There’s a message there somewhere.