Indie e-book review website

November 20, 2012

Omigod II!  Third post today but this is something that I really must share.  My old friend and former St Trinian’s head girl, Naomi Gluckstein, pointed me to a Guardian article (see the comment in my last post below).  This is an interesting article that does little to clear the fug away from the quicksand of self-publishing but it does have a couple of links that may be really useful.  This is one, based in the UK:  It’s a blog that offers a review services if they think your book interests them.  You post it on their Facebook page ( and….wait, I guess.

The other is the Self-Publishing Review (, based in the USA.  They charge a fee of $75 which seems reasonable to me.  They require:

When submitting a book for review, please provide the following (you’ll be prompted to submit this info after payment):

1. Author/Book Link
2. Synopsis
3. Genre
4. Blurbs (if any)
5. Format you prefer to send: eBook or hardcopy

I’m going to try it and see what happens.  Again, watch this space.



More on Amazon….

November 20, 2012

Omigod!  Second post in one day!

I’ve been corresponding with various people on the whole subject of the Amazon megalith and today I received this from Michael Dowell of the ISBN Agency ( and thought I’d share it.  Incidentally, he’s also a self-published writer, although I cannot find him as a novelist on

When I first started self-publishing, I thought Amazon was going to help me in a big way. I thought if I could get my book on Amazon, customers would find it and buy it.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The truth is, getting your titles on Amazon doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a lot of sales.  To put it in perspective, you are competing with millions of other books. In fact, over a million new titles get published on Amazon every year.  But the biggest reason an Amazon sales page doesn’t make you a lot of money is because Amazon doesn’t drive customers to your book.  When a customer visits Amazon, there’s no message that pops up to say, ‘Hey, look at this new book by (your name here). You gotta buy this!’   Instead, they rely on the customer to search for what they want. But even when a customer searches for your book category, it doesn’t mean they’ll find your book. Because there are tons of books in every category on Amazon, so you are competing with all of the more established books.
Please understand, I’m not saying Amazon is bad. I like Amazon. I still put my new titles on Amazon. It’s the world’s most popular website for books, so it’s impressive to have your book up there. But I really don’t expect to get a lot of sales from Amazon. 
So where do I get the majority of my sales? How do I make money from my books?
Is it from Amazon? No.
Is it from my own website? No.
Is it from selling my book face-to-face to individual customers? No.
I would say about 90% of my sales are from distributors. A distributor is a company of salespeople who work hard to sell my book, while I’m free to work on other projects, spend time with my family, etc.
The distributors I work with don’t charge me any fees, and they actively spend a lot of time and money to promote my titles to customers. Almost every week, I get checks in the mail from my distributors for hundreds or even thousands of dollars……Note: I also made some big mistakes along the way, which I want to help you avoid.”
He goes on to talk about his next messages on distributors.  OK, he’s full of hype and wants to sell his services but there’s a message there that I’m interested in.   What I learn I’ll post here, so watch this space….

Kindle Select – making it free!!

November 20, 2012

It’s been a while since I blogged; this is because I am still waiting for reviews and won’t do the relaunch until I get some, the reason being simply that I want people who don’t know me to download the book on the basis of the reviews.  OK, the objective of the relaunch is to time it well and get into one of Amazon’s bestseller lists.  One way to do this, after getting reviews, is to make the book available for free for 5 days with KDP Select.  This sounds like madness but actually makes sense, I think.  The idea is to get downloads and get some sort of presence on Amazon.  Have a look at, which tells you a bit more about making it free…for 5 days.  In the meantime, I still await reviews and am mulling over one other question:  Christmas is a-comin’ in, so should I time the launch to take advantage of this?  Answers on a postcard, please.  Free Xmas presents?  Well, we’re in a recession…..