Building a beach (2)…..

October 14, 2014

And by 7pm, this is what it looked like:

DSC00414 DSC00415


How to repair a beach….

October 14, 2014

You were all thinking that beaches are just natural things and that sand appears as if by magic, weren’t you?  Well, I guess it does but when you get storms like we had last winter, the sea tries to get its sand back or spits it out into the centre of the village.  So, every now and then it’s necessary to put some back on the beach.  Here’s how it’s done in Portugal:  get a big ugly ship with a big ugly pipe, put one end on the sea floor and the other on the beach.  Then pump like crazy.  Here’s the evidence at Carvoeiro this morning:

DSC00412 DSC00413