It’s money that makes the world go round! Yaayy!! An alternative way of looking at today’s news…..

The world today – the really important news

1.  I am always staggered by what is considered to be newsworthy in the media that we are presented with. Today it’s the obesity epidemic. Obese? Too fat? Eat too much? Well, people, eat less, take more exercise and get over it. Problem solved, I think.
Or…’The government must do something to stop us eating!’

2.  Shock, horror! Pneumatic model has a tantrum in the Big Brother house! Omigod! Who’d have thought it? Frankly, the fact that reality TV is popular at all is evidence, if any was needed, that the average citizen should not be allowed the vote or even to choose the colour of their shirt.

3.  Next, it’s cosmetic surgery…a parade of women who have paid loadsa money to look like caricatures of themselves, a parody of beauty like something out of a horror film. Get over it. If you’re ugly, compensate. If you’re good-looking, it won’t last. If you’re getting older, well, we all get older. Get over it. Look natural.
Or…’The government must do something to regulate these people!’

4.  Expensive child care? New poverty trap? Mum’s can’t afford to pay? Well, stay at home and bring up baby…like mums used to do when I was a sprog (or when my kids were sprogs). What the hell’s wrong with that? How much money do you really need? Isn’t it better to bring up a new generation of well-balanced individuals for whom home-and-hearth mean something more than computer games and the TV set and effing Big Brother.
Or…’shouldn’t the government do something?’

Well, don’t expect the government to sort things out. I live in Portugal which, along with Spain, was a fascist dictatorship for 40 years. Fascism puts the state before the individual and prescribes everything – bureaucracy goes mad. It still affects every aspect of life here and it’s immensely frustrating trying to get anything done. Believe me, people, you don’t want this! Stop whingeing, get over it and sort things out yourself.

Sorry, I’m just a grumpy old man.

Next, the real news:

Ukraine and everyone’s bogey man, Vladimir Putin. Will he do a Ukraine on the Baltic states? Bad Vladimir.
Well, I’m sure that Putin is as devious and mendacious as any western politician but he is a patriotic Russian and will do what he thinks is best for Russia and, by that, I mean what is best for Russian oligarchs.  However, let’s remember that Russia has never attacked the west, it has only ever tried to protect its massive land mass. Everything else (ie, proxy wars) was just to irritate the west and the US is just as guilty of this so let’s not throw too much mud around. Russia has plenty of history of western invasion to reflect on: Napoleon and Hitler to name but two but they were earlier terrorised by Sweden. However, no one will ever invade Russia because it is just too big and will always have Generals January and February on its side. The Russians can simply retreat and burn the crops until the supply lines of the invaders become impossibly long and they can then counter-attack. That’s how they’ve always done it. They actually have nothing to fear militarily except fear itself.

So, a threat to the Baltic states? Maybe, although I suspect that they would never be so stupid as to do it because of NATO. I detect a lot of Stalinist posturing. What impresses me about Putin is that he couldn’t give a shit what the west thinks of him. The Russians love him but, in the end, he will realise that he is as much a victim of the bankers as anyone.  Think about it: Russia exports energy and has lots of it. The Americans want to hit Russia where it hurts and sanctions don’t really work. Oil was expensive but its value has fallen from around $150 a barrel to $50. A fall of 70%? Almost overnight? How can that happen?

Well, you need to understand that money is not real. The dollar is not backed by gold, it is backed by oil. It’s called the petro-dollar. It is worth exactly what the bankers say it’s worth, not a penny more, not a penny less. Who decides this? The Anglo-American investment banks tied in with the big oil companies, of course. You know, HSBC, Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers. That lot. The ones that were too big to fail in 2008. The ones with assets greater than most countries. Who owns world debt? Well, they do. Who finances wars? They do. Who owned British debt after World War II? You guessed it. Who owned Nazi debt after the same conflagration? Right again. Wars cost money. So who gains from wars? I won’t insult your intelligence.

Now, these finance organisations know that war results in changes in world power balance and, if controlled carefully, can be beneficial to them. It also kills a lot of people but, hey, the human race has always been able to replace itself in a few years hasn’t it? So, the really important thing, the reason why so many have to die, is to fulfil some mendacious post-war plan that is the reason for the war. In the case of WWII it was to ensure US dominance as a superpower to rival the USSR, at the same time dismantling the British Empire (at President Roosevelt’s insistence). The US didn’t come into WWII as a shining knight to defeat the evil of Nazism. The nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan to demonstrate to the Soviets what the US could do to them as the Pacific war was effectively already lost by Japan. The beautiful non-strategic German city of Dresden was destroyed by allied bombing in February 1945 as a demonstration to the advancing Soviet army of what could happen to them if they got too far into Europe. This worked wonderfully, although a lot of innocent civilians had to die. Strategically, it also worked long-term as the USSR was unsustainable in the face of capitalism and collapsed with a whimper leaving the USA dominant. The bankers rubbed their hands.

So, let’s look at the power blocs in the world today: there is the US, Russia, China and Europe with India and Brazil emerging. The EU has an economy greater than the US and Russia combined and it has its own currency, the Euro. China has the world’s largest bank and largest population as well as becoming the engine for production. China uses the dollar as its reserve currency but would like an alternative and there is really only the Euro. Alarm bells in Wall Street. What better way to destabilise the Euro than to engineer a financial crisis that is already in the making due to the bungling European Commission in setting up a common currency without any fiscal controls? Greek debt is 300bn Euros. It cost the UK government £800bn to save the UK banks. Greek debt is insignificant to the overall European economy.  The obvious way to stop Greece leaving the Euro and worsening the Eurozone crisis is to cancel Greek debt. But who owns it?  Actually, in this case I think it’s German banks but who did they offset the risk with? You guessed it again. Incidentally, in 2008, the UK government could have written off the debt of everyone in the UK for less than the cost of saving the banks but chose not to because, if they had, the banks would have had no reason for existing. So, when push comes to shove, guess where the government’s priorities lie? You guessed it again! Well done.

When it comes to war, I always like to look at who benefits – who has the motive? Well, war has always been a great way of ending a recession and this can only benefit the people who issue money and own debt. It happened in the late 1930s and has carried on with the various gulf wars which have resulted in massive re-arming of Gulf States with mostly US weapons. Israel is always good for this as well. Wars start with destabilisation and a lot of talking and posturing. Hitler and Czechoslovakia, Saddam Hussein with WMDs, you know the story. Now we have instability in Asia Minor and the whole Middle East. Frankly, the time has never been more appropriate for a Middle-Eastern war, we have Islamic terrorism everywhere making people angry, Arabs killing Arabs and the occasional western aid worker or journalist, the failure of democracy, we have failed states and dictatorships everywhere in the Middle East, civil war, oil price collapse and a world recession. Remember that democracies never go to wear against other democracies. The stage is set, ladies and gentlemen.

What’s the motive? Well, for the US it would be to stop the growing influence of China and Russia by messing up the Middle East and Central Asia. Plus lots of arms sales. For China, it’s access to the middle east’s oil wealth. For Russia, it’s to stop that.

And behind it all, when the smoke of the upcoming middle-eastern war has all settled, over the bodies of the tens of thousands who will die, please remember that it is only money that makes the world go round.


One Response to It’s money that makes the world go round! Yaayy!! An alternative way of looking at today’s news…..

  1. dogpleasure says:

    Quoting you now ….Sorry. I am just a grumpy old man. Well first of all Rog. You need not apologize to anyone for that. That is your story of yourself. But hey…there is always time and hope to turn things around for yourself. For the better of coarse.

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