#Ukraine – What’s really happening there, Part II?

Here is a letter written by friend John Milward to his UK MP:

We are again in Ukraine. We have all been fed a daily diet of rhetoric, hearsay, offered little more in evidence than uncorroborated online media and I am sure there are a few people who actually believe that nonsense. The real evidence points in the opposite direction. First of all the ordinary people of the eastern Ukraine have been under attack from the Kiev junta for more than a year now, many of the women and children evacuated across the Russian border more than six months ago, some billeted with Russian families some in refugee camps.

 Contrast that with the terrible hardship of living in Kiev where life continues as normal.

The incessant shelling of the past few days have created somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 casualties of innocent largely rural people.

Many Political analysts warned from the day the junta were installed that the new regime were little more than Fascist thugs, with some qualification. The Banderists  who fought with the Vermacht in the 2nd World War who distinguished themselves with the mass murder of Russian Jewry  and attempted genocide of neighbouring enemies are the same Ukrainian Fascist groups.

So despite the obvious question – “Why would anyone back them ever?”  these Nazis had barely wiped their feet on the doormat of power when they were officially recognised by the British government. The weekend of shelling amounts to an attempt at ethnic cleansing and borders on attempted genocide.

Yet we are told that this is all Putins fault. I do not believe there is any real empirical evidence that can be corroborated or it would have been used to ramp up this war still further. If there were satellite surveillance or real intelligence it would have been used. What the Russians have gathered on the Ukraine border is tens of thousands of eastern Ukrainian refugees .

I tell you this because it is my duty in international law to inform you of international criminal acts and as my elected representative it is your duty to do whatever is necessary to prevent the mass murder of innocent people. The very least the British government can do is withdraw any support from the Kiev Junta forthwith.

There is a letter from the survivors of Stalingrad to Angela Merkel here is the link.


The English translation



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