10 facts that you thought were true….an alternative view of the world by F William Engdahl. http://colorrevolutionsandgeopolitics.blogspot.pt/2011/05/f-william-engdahl-interview-we-are-in.html

  1. The Pound, Euro or Dollar in your pocket is worth what it says on the front
  2. Banks exist for your benefit
  3. The US Ferderal Reserve and Bank of England are state-owned governmental bodies
  4. The price of oil is dependent on the market forces of supply-and-demand.
  5. Oil is a fossil fuel, like coal
  6. The supply of oil is limited and will become depleted
  7. The four-fold hike in oil prices in 1973 was due to the greed of the oil producers
  8. The War on Terror is intended to restabilise the world
  9. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Boko Haram are religous extremist organisations whose only agenda is to spread radical Islam.
  10. The USA wants to spread democracy across the world

In fact, none of these is true.

F William Engdahl is a US/German historian and economist with some interesting and outspoken views on the commonly-held beliefs that most of us have regarding how our world functions.  What he says about geopolitics is authoritative and well-researched, casting a spotlight into a shadowy, cynical world of exploitation by those with money and power.  He has written a number of books and, if only a fraction of what he claims is true, the world is a rather bleaker place than you’d like to believe.  Have a read of this interview and see what you think:



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