#Ukraine – what’s really happening there?

Do you remember when we first heard about the civil war in Syria?  Then it was the Arab Spring, the people were rising up against the evil fascist dictator Bashar Al-Assad and we all cheered, didn’t we?  Urbane, sophisticated western-educated English-speaking Assad told the world press that his forces were actually facing Islamic terrorism but because he was just a lying Arab we all just nodded and said that he was just a lying Arab, didn’t we?  Well, guess what?  Mr Assad was fighting Islamic terrorists who are now out of control.  They call themselves The Islamic State.  So, just because Assad is a dictator doesn’t make him a liar.  Now, western forces are fighting on his side, so what happened to the outcry over the civil war there?  Oh, it’s OK now because US forces are there sorting things out.  Good ol’ Uncle Sam.  Now we can sleep easy.

So, can we really believe what we are being told?  Here are some thoughts on Ukraine.

If you were to believe what your TV news is telling you, evil President Putin attacked Ukraine and that is what started the present “unrest” and there is a massive military build-up on the Eastern border.  Right, yes?  Well, not exactly. I am interested in the response of the Eastern Ukrainians who are hiding in cellars or being killed on the streets.  They say that they are being attacked by fascists.  Fascists?  Yes, fascists.  We nod and say that all Russians have an inate fear of fascists (27 million Russians died in WWII) so we dismiss it, don’t we?  Well, here is a reality check:

The democratically-elected leader of the Ukraine (not actually a really nice guy) was ousted in a military coup by a bunch of western-backed and fully supported Neo-Nazi thugs. Neither the People of Donetsk nor the People of the Eastern Ukraine have been attacking Kiev. The People of the Eastern Ukraine have been under attack since before the vote in Crimea for the right to self rule.  Most of the people have been forced to leave and are in refugee camps over the Russian border along with hundreds of Ukrainian military who refused to kill their own people, if they return they will be shot.

Friday 6th Feb began an incessant barrage which is nothing short of ethnic cleansing but that’s OK because it is Western sanctioned ethnic cleansing.

I live in Portugal and we have a lot of Ukrainians here.  They do not smile any more.  They cannot go home and all this is done in your name. The continuation of the proxy war in the Middle East continues apace with the real agenda being the overthrow of the few democratically elected leaders there, namely in Egypt and Lebanon, and then on to Iran (despite all their efforts they haven’t overthrown that one since the famous million dollar CIA uprising in the early 1950’s).

Fortunately the country you live in there is still a pretense that democracy actually means something. That is mostly because your establishment still has a thorn in its side called a constitution. Yes despite what Cameroon, Millibean and Clogg, the Lib Lab Con, tell you, the written constitution was strengthened and protected by constitutionalists from King Alfred right up to the Second World War. This is exactly why you still have, as always in the six months leading up to an election, the special power of threatening your MP with the loss of his/her cushy little job and demanding positive action. Then if they don’t reply ASAP start campaigning against them.

Love to all the real Humans on the planet


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