HUMANITY vs INSANITY The modern Greek Tragedy : #greece #grexit

Yanis Varoufakis is being hailed by many as the visionary to bring about an end to austerity and take Greece out of the Euro … but what if his true purpose was to bring about the total financial annihilation of the Greek nation? William Engdahl shares his insights into the unfolding 21st Century Greek tragedy, suggesting that Varoufakis may have ‘Master-Minded’ an End Game resulting in the ultimate treason! What will it take to end the insanity and bring about the demise of the Socio-psychopathic Global Corporatists?  Have a look at:

I’m a great believer in William Engdahl as he sees through a lot of trees and sees the wood.  So, we are told that Greece has overspent and has to repay its debts.  Right?  Greece is no different from me and my mortgage is it?  If I don’t make my repayments they can repossess my place, so I have to cut back and spend less.  This massive over-simplification is something that has been presented to us as fact because we can relate to it.

Here is an alternative view:

1.  Greece owes 323 billion Euros and has to pay it back to the creditors who are mostly banks; 246 billion Euros is owed to the international baleout funds, ie, banks.

2.  In 2008, those same banks were saved from collapse by baleouts (to allow them to repay money they had borrowed from other banks) as follows:

Citigroup                $2513 billion (more than the GDP of the USA, incidentally)

Morgan Stanley     $2041 billion

Merrill Lynch          $1949 billion

Bank of America    $1343 billion

Bear Stearns         $853 billion

Goldman Sachs     $814 billion

….the list goes on.  In the EU here are a few more:

Barclays                $868 billion

RBS                      $541 billion

Deutsche Bank     $354 billion

…and this list goes on.  Note that the German bank received a free baleout of greater than the money that the IMF and ECB refuse to allow Greece.  So  Greece and its people have to suffer more austerity.  What is behind this game?

Well, let’s see.  The European Commission has always wanted fiscal union across the Eurozone because it is a given that the Euro will never work properly without it.  The European Parliament will not allow this so we have a massive mismatch between the competent economies of northern Europe and the incompetence of the garlic belt.  Therefore the Eurozone will always be a catastrophe…


…an example is made of one of those countries that doesn’t matter so much.  As Napoléon said, ‘pour encourager les autres…’  How about Greece?  Inefficient, corrupt, lazy, incompetent and economically small.  What a perfect illustration that the present system cannot be sustained.  Now, who can we put in place to engineer this?  How about poster boy Yanis Varoufakis?  The cameras love him, the people love him, he says it like it is.  Well, he and his party were voted in to end austerity.  This had to be stopped because without austerity there can be no example set. So the game was set.  Threats of Greek Euro exit, referenda and we are where we are now.  The Greeks made their choice looking down the barrel of a gun.  More austerity has been agreed. Greek assets have been pawned as part of the deal to be managed by the banks.  Greece has been defeated and humiliated.  Starve or leave.  Their fight is over.

Varoufakis has already left the stage, of course.

Yanis Varoufakiss is an academic, a mathematician and economist whose  specialisation was game theory.  This embraces strategy good enough for complex computer games and he worked for one of the largest of those companies.  So, think of the players, the bankers, the politicians, the people.  Who has won this game?  The ones who always win, of course.

Oh, and one other thing.  Varoufakis’s party, Syriza, is apparently funded by George Soros.


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