War in an age of democracy. #Ukraine. An opinion.

The history of mankind is the history of warfare. In the age of feudal monarchies, kings could wage war on other kings and count on the support of their liege-lords and their vassals. It was then a matter of numbers and money to pay for it all. Simple, really. A king did not need the approval of his people because he was an absolute monarch and had absolute power. As long as warfare led to conquest and plunder, then his subjects got richer and everyone was happy…except those who died, of course. In an age of democracy, how different things are; governments need the consent of the people to wage war, so how is this done?

First let’s make one thing perfectly clear. We, The People, are stupid. Very stupid. We have always been stupid, since Roman times and before. Then, when we, The People, got uppity, the patricians would declare a holiday and order The Games; three days of drunken revelry and entertainment. These days we have football to take our minds off things. As I said, we, The People, are stupid. And ignorant.

Ignorance is not knowing. We know what we are told and what we can discover, if we have inquiring minds. In Roman times, there was a good excuse for ignorance but, in this information age, there is no excuse. These days ignorance may be bliss but, more realistically, ignorance = laziness. I have to admit that, when Tony Blair told us all about WMDs in Iraq, I believed him. Didn’t you? Well, it was a lie. He knew it was a lie as well. Believe me, the US and UK military intelligence network is so good that there is no possibility that he or Bush actually believed what they were saying because they were lying to justify the invasion of Iraq. We, The People, let them get away with it. Because we are stupid. Because we are ignorant. We are also fearful.

Fear is a wonderful weapon that can be used skilfully by politicians. The Nazis used it in the 1930s and blamed the Jews for Germany’s ills. They, it was claimed, were the international conspiracy that brought about the defeat of WWI, rampant inflation, starvation, Versailles, etc. It was a lie, of course but it worked a treat. Fear of communism was perfect from 1945 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and it was used to justify the Korean and Vietnam wars. In reality, the spread of Communism in democracies was never likely but the very fear of it was justification enough to go to the war with we, The People, cheering on. Except that the cheering stopped. And so did the Vietnam War. This shows that we are not quite so stupid. This shows that we can discover what is really happening out there if we want to. This shows that we can put an end to politicians doing stupid things. If we want to.

Whenever a crime is committed the detectives look for a motive. Who gains from the crime? Well, who profits from war? The winners do sometimes but WWII bankrupted the UK and led directly to the end of empire. It destroyed the economies of pretty well every European country. But not the American. All of the combatants needed to finance the war and it was American banks that provided the money. It was American industry that provided the ships, tanks, planes, guns and bullets.  The Rockefeller banks also lent money to the Nazis until that was made a bit more difficult under the ‘Trading with the Enemy Act’.  It was America that emerged dominant at the end of WWII. WWII ended the Great Depression and resuscitated US industry. The US coffers were full, everyone owed them money. The dollar became the world reserve currency. Good ol’ Uncle Sam. If Pearl Harbour hadn’t happened, the US would have had to invent it. (As an aside, if Pearl Harbour was the Japs, why did the US immediately declare war on Germany? Just a thought).

The dollar reigned supreme until 1971 when it ceased to be backed by gold. That’s right, folks, the dollar in your pocket (and pretty well every other currency) is just a piece of paper. To support the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and to drag funds into the US’s by now obsolete manufacturing sector, the price of oil was quadrupled in 1973. Oil is priced in dollars. Everyone needed more dollars to buy their fuel and the US Federal Reserve printed them. As another aside, the US Federal Reserve is, like the Bank of England, a privately-owned organisation, not a governmental body. It has nothing to do with the government. It is owned by banks and rich individuals, of whom the Rockefeller and Rothschild families are prominent. The increase in the price of oil was the idea of, and put into action by, one Henry Kissinger who informed the Arabs and Iranians that if they didn’t play ball, then Uncle Sam would start to play hard ball. Fact. Don’t blame the Arabs. Don’t blame the Yom Kippur war, it only provided the justification for the oil price rise. A further aside: most third world debt stems from the massive deficits in budgets caused by this oil price hike. Most of the debt is owned by the US banks and the IMF and World Bank, both of which are also US institution. Wall Street keeps the world on its knees. And I always wondered why the Iranians called the US ‘The Great Satan’. I think I know now.

As long as we, The People, were frightened by the idea of the great Commie invasion, the Cold War, and the industrial machine that sustained it, could continue.

Then came 1991. Disaster #1.

The dirty Commies decided that Communism was a bad idea after all and that capitalism was a much better idea. End of Cold War? Beginning of disarmament? Wall Street faced ruin. Well, maybe not. They could increase interest rates to 20% (which they did) to add to the debt burden of the Third World and reinforce the dollar as the only currency in the world. They could always deregulate and lend money to people who could never repay their debt. Which they did, with all of the dollars that had flowed into the Fed. We now call it sub-prime lending. Some call it criminal irresponsibility.

Next, how to deal with the necessary disarmament. After, all the enemy had just rolled over and surrendered. Oh, that one was easy. Expand NATO. Include all of those countries that were once in the USSR. That should irritate the Russkis, shouldn’t it? Western fascists right in their back yard. Just think of all those F16s, those laser-guided bombs. Think of the industry. Think of the cash. Think of the profit. Disaster averted.

Then came 2002. Disaster #2.

The EU decided to have a common currency. Catastrophe! The EU is the largest trading block in the world with an economic power greater than the US and Russia combined. It’s backed by Germany, for God’s sake. Who’d want dirty valueless dollars when they could have a fine upstanding Deutschmark?…er…sorry…Euro. Well, Wall Street had seen that one coming. George Soros, in his run on the Pound in 1992, made sure that the UK left the Exchange Rate Mechanism, which ensured that UK would never be part of the common currency, thereby weakening it substantially. Second Goldman-Sachs advisers to the Greek government showed them how to fiddle the books to be accepted into the Euro, thereby setting in place a time-bomb that has only recently gone off. Disaster averted.

Disaster #3.

“Omigod! Mr President! Look what’s happened in China! 1000 million people. Pingpong has turned in to the yellow peril manufacturing all the things we used to make! Africa is becoming Chinese! They’re lending money with no-strings attached! Aaarrggh! Look at all those Korean cars and TVs. Look at India! 1000 million people! It has a middle class! They’ve bought Land Rover! I now drive an Indian car! What shall we do?”

“Well, Mr President, they need energy to do all that…we can always make their supply of oil and gas less…how shall I put it…certain…?”

Overheard in a CIA Boardroom, a meeting of the National Endowment for Democracy:

“Well, now where do we go? We still need to feed the US defense industry. No one’s buying our cars these days. We still need an enemy. We’d better make one. Didn’t we train those Taliban guys in Afghanistan way back when the Russkis had invaded? Why not encourage them? There’s that guy Bin Laden…family’s in bed with the President…try him. Uncertainty…instability…the world needs a saviour. The world needs… Batman.”
“Good move, Sir. I hear the UK is happy to play Robin.”
“Great twin towers, Batman!”
“We can call it The War on Terror, then we don’t need to declare war, don’t need to define an enemy and don’t need to declare victory. It can go on for ever!”
“I’ll tell the president…”
“Makes you proud to be American.”
Ah, disaster created. Good news.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

‘Omigod, Mr President.  The Arabs have flown two planes into the Twin Towers…”

“Please don’t disturb me.  I’m reading to some schoolchildren…”

Later that day:

“Who were those masked men?”

“Bin Laden’s men, Sir.  Saudis…based in Afghanistan.”

“Saudis?  Afghanistan you say?  I think it’s time we invaded Iraq, don’t you?”

If the Twin Towers hadn’t happened, they would have had to invent it.  Perhaps they did.


If we’ve believed everything we’ve been told, then Russia is the threat and the West is the defender of peace and liberty. In reality, the entire crisis has been created, by America and its client states, by the US banks via various neo-conservative NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) who have been funding, instigating and organising the colour revolutions and have been doing so for some decades, following its own guidelines of warfare by non-violent means. If it had not been for the suggestion of Ukraine joining NATO, then this situation would never have happened. Of course Russia feels threatened. NATO bases surround its western borders. US bases are in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US has 1000 bases world-wide and spends 48% of the world’s total defence expenditure. It has a record of fomenting revolution and overthrowing democratically-elected governments that are not friendly to the US. It overthrew Mossadeq in Iran and installed the Shah. There was Guatemala and Grenada. And Egypt. There was Ukraine. Let’s not forget that last year’s revolution in the Maidan overthrew a democratically-elected but pro-Russian government. OK, the deposed Yanukovych was probably incompetent and corrupt but they, The People, elected him.  If we deposed every corrupt and incompetent leader in the world, there’d be no one left.

If I were Russian, I’d feel threatened. I’d feel threatened by the possibly of the world’s greatest and only superpower camping out on my doorstep. I’d feel threatened by the power of its armed forces and the power of its currency. I’d feel threatened by the country that purports to encourage democracy when, in reality, it does the opposite if it is in its financial interest to do so. I’d be threatened by the power of Wall Street and its wealthy families because I’d have seen what a few individuals there can to the world with paper money but complete control over it…a world of a new Imperium…an Empire created for the benefit of the rich and powerful…a world where the masters could not even point out where my country is on a map. I’d feel threatened by a country who cannot respect the human rights of all of its citizen, black and white, where children don’t have the human right to go to school without being shot, where there is no individual right to health care.

Yes, I’d feel very threatened.

To summarise. The history of mankind is the history of warfare. In the age of feudal monarchies, kings could wage war on other kings and count on the support of their liege-lords and their vassals. It was then a matter of numbers and money to pay for it all. Simple, really. A king did not need the approval of his people because he was an absolute monarch and had absolute power.  But, in this wonderful age of democracy, how different things are.

Or are they?


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