#MH17 – Why no interim report from AAIB or investigators? Was it shot down by Ukrainian Government fighters? Here’s some interesting evidence….

I wonder why it’s taking too long for AAIB and other investigators to come out with some kind of interim report on the downing of MH17 on 17 July.  It doesn’t take more than a couple of days to download the Flight Data Recorder or Cockpit Voice Recorder.  Is it just a bureaucratic delay or a conspiracy of silence?

I refer to an interesting article here:  http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=103185

I have attached (the link below) a pdf photo of a section of cockpit fuselage which clearly shows machine gun fire from both sides (entrance and exit holes). Of course it is impossible to be sure if this was from the initial attack or a subsequent attack to make sure the airliner went down without survivors (or witnesses). but it does show there were either two fighters shooting directly at the pilot or at least two attacks. pre-planned premeditated murder. This photo was lifted from 29 July CBC news.

On the other hand:

One image of a heavily perforated piece of fuselage that appears to come from the plane’s cockpit suggests damage from a ground-fired warhead, said analysts at IHS Jane’s:

“The punctures seen in the photograph are relatively uniform in size,” said Reed Foster, manager, military capabilities at IHS Jane’s. “ This would potentially be consistent with a fragmentation-type warhead employed upon a number of modern and legacy surface-to-air missile systems.”


I wish we could sort out the truth from opportunistic spokespeople who have various axes to grind and other politicians who want to point the finger of blame at Russia and Putin or the Ukrainians.

A civil aircraft was shot down.  298 innocent people died.  Why?  The truth can’t be so difficult to divine, can it?



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