#Ashya – alternative cancer cures?

Some friends of mine are big on conspiracy theories.  I listen politely and usually think no more about it.  Then I discover that a lot of what they are saying seems to have some basis in fact but we are so used to the ‘establishment’ that we accept the status quo and believe what we are told.  One of these is the conspiracy theories surrounding BigPharma, the domination of healthcare by the massive financial clout of the big pharmaceutical companies (turnover $550 billion a year).  There is a well-known alternative therapy man operating near here and he has a massive following and a tremendous success rate.  I have been folllowing the case of little Ashya and have close friends who are fighting cancer so I was interested in this YouTube video which sets out some credible evidence of alternative cancer cures:  http://youtu.be/BTGye7kA6rM

Here’s a fact: Cures using natural herbs cannot be patented.  Drugs have to be approved by organisations such as the F&DA in the USA but this is expensive for the drug companies and they will only invest in drugs that they can patent.  Therefore natural cures will never be approved, not because they don’t work, but because they cannot be proved to work by the required testing.  They can call the alternative therapists Quacks.  But, BigPharma means big money and they want you to stay sick because that’s good for business.  

Mankind will always make more people so it doesn’t matter how many die because they will always be replaced. But when you have an industry that generates more money that the GDP of most countries, maybe that’s more important in this capitalist world where money is all-important.  More important than human lives, naturally.



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