#Ashya – a little boy with cancer. Time for some common sense. Please.

This plea, from Tony King on his facebook page:

Has the whole country gone mad?
What is going on with the British police?
Even after they admit that no crime has been committed.
Even after it is obvious that they were misled by Southampton hospital with false information.
Even after obtaining a European arrest warrant using false and misleading information.
Even after over reacting to the point of criminal incompetence.
They still are requesting an extradition for the parents leaving their little boy in a strange country alone.
Suing the Doctors, the Hospital, The police, The crown prosecution service is not nearly enough.
They should all be charged with deception and lying to a court in order to get the warrant.
This insanity has to stop now.
Release the parents. and let them do what they are most qualified to do which is to look after their own child.

What kind of deranged society are we living in when people we should trust behave like this?


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