#MH17 – http://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/can-the-su-25-intercept-and-shoot-down-a-777/

Further to my last piece, I’m intrigued at the possibility of MH17 being first attacked by a Sukhoi Su-25 (false flag attack) as proposed by various credible sources.  I was doing some research on whether the Su-25 can be fitted with air-to-air missiles and, yes, it can, but only with the small R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) missile.  See the piece in the title link (which, for some reason cannot be pasted into this text)  The writer feels that the R-60 missile is too small to do much damage to a big airliner but I’m not so sure.  Yes, it has a tiny warhead (6kg) but if the damage caused by the expanding ring of metal hits the right parts of the aircraft, it could certainly disable it.  Airliners have multiple redundancy so you can lose an engine, some systems, even some structure and it can still make a safe landing.  There is evidence of an engine being hit and the aircraft continuing until hit a couple of minutes later by a ground-launched Buk missile.

There is mounting evidence that the Kiev government has almost all of these had them in the right location and had the trained crews.  The separatists may have the missile but it’s new and they don’t have the training to operate a complex system….hence the supposed Russian connection.  If so, then the Cockpit Voice Recorder will reveal what happened.  As long as AAIB are completely open we may know the truth, but if it’s as the conspiracy theorists claim, it will massively discredit Ukraine and the West whilst polishing the tarnished image of Russia.  And let’s remember that Russia is the only player in this crisis that has been completely open and transparent in revealing all satellite and ATC data in the face of the western media onslaught.  The US has gone back into its shell.  And, in Kiev, the CIA still share the same office building as the Ukrainian security bureau.

Watch this space.


One Response to #MH17 – http://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/can-the-su-25-intercept-and-shoot-down-a-777/

  1. Thank you for your objectivity. I also advise to read this, it leaves no doubt as to the real perpetrators of this tragedy which is no accident but a false flag made for geopolitical purposes (as all other famous false flags by the way) : http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/07/25/mh17-verdict-real-evidence-points-to-us-kiev-cover-up-of-failed-false-flag-attack/

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