#MH17 Could it be a Kiev cover-up? See http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/07/25/mh17-verdict-real-evidence-points-to-us-kiev-cover-up-of-failed-false-flag-attack/

Further to my last post, the conspiracy theorists are doing a rather better job at pursuading me that there may be two sides to this story.  Have a read of the link in the title as it raises some interesting observations.  For me the most fascinating is the Kiev ATC cover-up, which appears to be the act of the guilty.  See what you think.

In addition, I got this from a friend who is big on conspiracy theories but is often on the right track:

“You were right about the cock up but probably wrong about the perpetrator. According to Patrick Heningson’s  report one of the engines was shot out but the pilot then banked away. MH17 was meant to come down in a Kiev controlled zone ( where they could manage information) but the pilot managed to limp along for another couple of minutes before it was finally taken out. The source………..the Russians released all the data they have. Where is the data from Kiev, the USA and Europe ……..
You can watch Patrick’s interview if you skip the first 26 minutes of the UK column upload (below) and scrutinise  the last 20 minutes.”

Check out this video on YouTube:


I wonder whether there can be any truth in the fact that we are being misled in all of the ‘official’ evidence.  I am told by others that the fascist sentiment in Kiev is true and strong; they had a reputation of being so extreme that, in World War II, Hitler had reservations about working with them.  Whiter than white?  The poor downtrodden Ukrainians?  You decide.

If the conspiracy theories are even partly correct, then the fact that the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder have been moved to Farnborough might lead some to think that it gives the US some control over the investigation.  Think again.  My experience of the AAIB is that they are absolutely straight and objective.  Their only interest is in making sure that the last accident never happens again.  They are not amenable to political interference.

One day soon, the truth will out and I’ll be waiting with raised eyebrows.


One Response to #MH17 Could it be a Kiev cover-up? See http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/07/25/mh17-verdict-real-evidence-points-to-us-kiev-cover-up-of-failed-false-flag-attack/

  1. Dmitry says:

    Here is the link to RT news of Russian Defence Ministry press briefing on 21 July 2014, demonstrating to journalists a lot of satellite, radar and other documentation related to Malaysian flight. This large press briefing has never got reported in German news so far http://rt.com/news/174412-malaysia-plane-russia-ukraine/. Clicking on the first photograph starts a video of the press briefing. Below the photograph there is a link called “donwload video”, which opens the video directly – http://img.rt.com/files/news/2a/94/c0/00/1857209_briefing_ministry_of_defense_logo_480p.mp4?event=download.

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