#MH17 – another conspiracy theory too far…

Before reading the scurrilous conspiracy theory below, here are my views:

Another conspiracy theory too far.  Both sides in Ukraine have the SA11 and SA17 truck-launched missiles.  The separatists have them as they were supplied by Russia recently.  However, the fact that they are relatively new and need training to operate them and the fact that they have already used them to shoot down two military transports suggests that they are actually being operated by Russians.  I reality, there is almost no difference between Russian speaking Ukrainians and Russians and they regard themselves as Russian, indeed, many of them have Russian nationality.  They speak Russian not Ukrainian.

Next, the social media celebrations when they shot down MH17 (before they realised that it was not a military target) was all in Russian, not Ukrainian.  These posts were taken down when they realised what they had done. Next, the missile can get to way over 10,000m altitude but has a range of about 30km.  Looking at where the crash site is, it is certain that the missile was fired from separatist territory or Russia.

Without further information, it seems clear that Russia is fighting a war against the west by proxy and Putin has made no secret of his views that the breakup of the USSR was a catastrophe.  He can start to put that right by supporting the Ukrainian separatists.  But even Russians make mistakes.  Like murdering almost 300 innocent civilians.  They clearly cannot confess or be found culpable but they can conceal and obfuscate which is what we are seeing now.

OK, here it is:

“The Boeing 777 was at 10000 m .shoulder bourn (sic) or small vehicle rocket launchers can’t get much above 4000 m. As yet there is no evidence that the pro Russian Ukrainians possess a missile large enough to reach that high. The pro fascist UN backed junta however, do have such weapons and also air to air missiles,trained pilots,radar systems to use them.
As we know today, the US political stance on the Ukrainian civil war is that of outright hostility towards Russia and the ‘pro­-Russian’ Ukranians seeking some level of either recognition or autonomy from the pro-fascist and NATO-backed regime which came to power by a Flash Mob and paramilitary coup in February. Hence, Washington-Brussels-London-Kiev Axis has conveniently labeled any opposition as “terrorists”, specifically those in eastern Ukraine who seek independence from Kiev and do not recognize the Kiev government.

While there is no certainty the ‘pro­-Russian’ rebels hold advanced SAM air defence weapons, they are certainly in the hands of the Kiev flash mob government, alongside the advanced AAM weapons they also “inherited” from the elected government they overthrew. In a sane world, based on facts and forensic evidence, the onus of military proof should be stacked against Kiev, leaving only the question of political motive (or motives) for the incident, but as anyone who has followed this civil war closely will tell you, there is nothing sane about how the junta in Kiev was formed, or how it’s held onto power since its installation by the US State Department planners.”

Appalling.  But this kind of garbage is what the civilised world is up against.


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