Mick Mears – writer and existentialist!

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’d become rather disillusioned with the entire process of self-promotion.  Then I got a ‘friends’ request from a guy called Mick Mears on Goodreads.  He’s been through the same process as me and his response is a salutory sermon in not taking it all too seriously.  Here’s his profile text on Amazon:

“Welcome to Amazon the ulitimate digital dustbin. Home to failed writers, stagnant humourists and millions taking themselves far too seriously. Now you`ve navigated through hyperspace I`ll try being serious, maybe not. This page is about self publicity, I can`t be bothered. I don`t write literary masterpieces or blockbusters aimed at taking consciousness to the brink of divine understanding. I write because I always have and it`s an illness with no cure. Yes folks, it`s terminal.

This page neatly lays out the garbage I`ve written. You can peruse the first ten percent of any selected item. You don`t have to buy any of it and if you get your timing right it`s free. If you`re foolish enough to buy any of this nonsense please don`t put more nails in my coffin with bad reviews. Nobody forces anybody to read anything. If you feel you`re wasting your time then bugger off to Ebay.

Now that’s a guy who has things in perspective!

His website is at http://mickmearsbooks.weebly.com/.  Unfortunately, I cannot download his books because I am outside the UK and Amazon will not allow us fortunate Portuguese residents to benefit from British culture for some obscure commercial reason to do with world dominatiin and money.  But you can!  Enjoy!


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