Blogging about MH370 versus blogging about writing

Just a quick note.  I set this blog up to talk about the process of writing and self publication but over the past three days I have been diverted by the disappearance of Malaysian MH370 because I am a former aviation safety regulator and my views may add to the general speculation.  Now when I was blogging about writing, I regarded 10 hits a day as quite good.  At the peak of promotion of Flight Into Darkness ( I had 47 hits on one day and patted myself on the back.  Well done, I thought.

I started blogging about MH370 on 15 March, frustrated by the lack of progress and the seeming lack of focus, certainly the almost total lack of information.  Here are the results:

March 15th,  3 articles   Hits 417

March 16th,  2 articles   Hits 421

March 17th,  6 articles   Hits 1427   Yes, that’s 1427 in one day!

March 18th, no articles  Hits 363 by 0845h

This puts blogging into perspective.  I have this blog linked to Facebook and Twitter and, of these, Twitter has given me 100% of the hits and fb none.  Of course, it helps by blogging about a popular and contentious subject and also using the twitter hashtag #MH370 but I’m still staggered by the effectiveness of twitter.

OK, the tweeting was about MH370 but my novel Flight Into Darkness is a story that reflects this loss of a high tech aircraft and covers much of the same territory, so I mentioned this in a couple of tweets and blogs but didn’t want to turn human tragedy into overt book promotion as that’s in rather poor taste.  The fact is that I wrote this story in 2011 and now it’s happened for real.

However, how many additional sales resulted?  Guess….



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