Malaysian #MH370 – Is it here somewhere, safely on the ground? Have a look at the map

I’ve blogged earlier about the possibilities that Malaysian MH370 is safely on the ground somewhere in central Asia.  What is Central Asia?  What do we know about it?  Precious little I suspect.  here’s a map:



Click on the map for the ful view.  And here is the Wikipedia link for a good overview:

This is the original silk route and the religion is predominently Islam.  All of these countries were formerly in the USSR.

The countries within MH370 range are:

China (Tibet and Xinjiang provinces), Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It’s speculation, I know, but I believe that MH370 is here somewhere.  Searchers need to identify all airfields that have runways of 1500m or more because a B777 needs that distance to land.  Now, it might be easy to suggest getting a satellite to take a look from space, searching for the aircraft on the ground but this would be too easy.  Wherever the aircraft is, it will be in a hangar.  Therefore we need to limit the search to airfields that have large hangars to house the aircraft.

I still wonder what the motive is.  Any ideas?


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