Finding #MH370….it can’t be this difficult.

Ok, now that a zillion different countries are looking for Malaysian Flight MH370.

Is it in the sea?  Well if it is, I don’t see the motive and it would be almost impossible to find as it could be anywhere over 10% of the world’s surface area.  They’ve looked and found nothing.  In any case, I’ve already explained that no one is going to fly for 6 hours before committing suicide.

Is it on land?  Well, if it is, it has either crashed (after many hours of flight, for no reason, with no motive) or it’s safely on the ground, piloted there by its crew and the passengers are alive.  OK, so where?  That’s not rocket science either.  A Boeing 777 needs a runway of at least 1500m to land.  There are 634 possible airfields.  Eliminate the major ones as there are too many observers.  Have a look at the others.  A B777 is a pretty big target so could be seen by satellite.  But, the bad guys know that so it’s in a hangar.  So, may I suggest that the searchers have a look at every hangar big enough to take a B777?  Anywhere in central Asia would be a good start.

It can’t be this difficult.

Mari kita berharap.  Let us hope. 让我们希望


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