Negative marketing works!

As you know, I’ve been promoting my books on Amazon via Twitter and this blog.  Most of this is hype and hard sell, getting potential readers intrigued in only 140 characters.  So, naturally, you’d expect to see things like:  This is a great book.  You NEED to read it!!!!… know, all that boring blurb stuff that you just gloss over.  Well, I got bored with that and decided to try some negative marketing of Miracle in Carvoeiro ( as it’s light and largely comic.  So, I tried tweets like:

Miracle in Carvoeiro.  ‘I am frankly disgusted.’ ‘Drivel.’ ‘Shocked and dismayed.’ ‘Never again.’ #comedy

Miracle in Carvoeiro.  67 1-star reviews!  Universally loathed. ‘Appalling.’ ‘Hated it.’  ‘Rubbish.’ #comedy

Result?  5 downloads!  OK, it’s not much but it’s better than all the other books together since the promo of Flight Into Darkness stopped.  OK, it can only be done with a humorous book but it was an interesting little experiment.

Negative marketing seems to work!


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