Kindle Countdown Deal – a personal review

Well, the Kindle Countdown Deal in UK for Flight Into Darkness ( finished last night and that on finished on Sunday.  I combined the promotion with a lot of blog activity (connected to Twitter and Facebook) plus Twitter plus Goodreads.  I joined a Goodreads review group to get reviews and more downloads to improve the ratings statistics.

So, how did it go?  Here’s a summary:

  • ·         Number of downloads of Flight Into Darkness = 57 (first 2 weeks of Feb)
  • ·         Downloads of other books not being promoted = 4
  • ·         Followers on Twitter went from 50 to 154
  • ·         Goodreads friends from 0 to 28
  • ·         Best rating in UK: #9 political thrillers (1740h 17 Feb), Overall rating #6,772
  • ·         Rating in US: Overall rating #109,976! But, what the hell…it’s a big country!
  • ·         Max number of hits on my blog in one day = 47 from 11 visitors (Saturday)
  • ·         But, so far, no additional reviews of Flight Into darkness

So, overall, I’m very pleased.  The great thing is the downloads.  Of that total of 57, 14 were set up as a result of the Goodreads review group, so don’t really count.  However, the other 43 were downloads by people who don’t know me and I don’t know them and this is what I have been wanting to achieve; selling to strangers.  36 of these were in the UK, so my UK sales are four times my genuine US sales.  These sales will hopefully result in reviews and recommendations that will lead to more sales.  There’s always a possibility of word-of-mouth effects reaching a critical mass when I can sit back and relax, although I suspect that only happens to Dan Brown.

Twitter has been interesting.  I’ve connected my blog to twitter so, every time I blog, I tweet.  The interesting thing is that many of the hits on the website come late in the day or overnight, ie, from the USA.  Therefore it’s worth bearing in mind that they only see Tweets if they’re awake in America and their clocks are a bit behind ours.  The East coast is GMT –  5h and the Pacific coast is GMT – 8h. At 1500h on this side of the pond, they’re just waking up in California.

 I’m pleased with the ratings as well but I’ve seen them fluctuate on an hourly basis and won’t take them seriously until I’m in Amazon’s top 100.  Dream on!  However, all this has been entirely the result of marketing and publicity.  That’s what it’s all about.  And, actually, it wasn’t such hard work.


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