Awesome Gang – great website for ebook writers

Here’s a website that I was recommended to look at to help with promotion:  It looks really good and I’ll investigate it in greater detail later.  They’re currently featuring Flight Into Darkness (  for two days (scroll down the page) and will also be posting an author interview soon.  They include links to Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and the writer’s website.  Here’s their message, which includes all appropriate links:

Thanks for using our featured homepage listing service. Your book Flight Into Darkness will go live on the date you requested 2/16/2014.
Your book will be featured on our homepage for 2 days. In addition your book will also go out in our social media channels and our next newsletter after the publish date. 
The books normally go up on the site a little after midnight Pacific time. We have found that this works better for authors that are giving away free books. When you see the book live on the site I encourage you to use the social media buttons on the bottom of your books page and help yourself get more traction. 
For more exposure you may want to fill out our author interview form. 
The average author interview gets 300-400 page views the first day or so after it is published on the site. 
We also post the interview to forum (which you should join)
It also goes to our thread on Goodreads to give you more exposure. The interview also goes out in our social media channels. It is just something we like to do for authors and totally free.
If you are not following us on social media I suggest you do. Here are our links.
We also have a great authors group on Facebook filled with other authors that give great tips on writing and marketing
If you are looking for tips for authors to promote your books check out our author resources
Once again thanks for using our service. If I can be of any help please let me know.
Have an Awesome Day!
Vinny O’Hare



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