Flight Into Darkness now No 14 political thriller!

Well, after a week of promotion, Flight Into Darkness (http://getBook.at/FlightIntoDarkness) is now No 14 top political thriller:

I don’t expect it to stay there long!  However, there have now been 36 downloads in five days so, overall, I’m quite pleased with the results of the promotion.  Of course, at $0.99 there’s not much money in it but that’s not what it’s about right now. I’m still waiting for reviews from the Goodreads review group activity.  There has been one so far, at least three more to come.  The interesting thing is that the surge in downloads has been due to Twitter and blogging, not the reviews.  Surprising huh?  I always thought that people who didn’t know me would only download on the basis of lots of reviews, yet on Amazon.com, where there are only two reviews, there have been 19 downloads and none of them know me.

Twitter rules OK?


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