Another 5-star review for Flight Into Darkness!

Thanks Jerry Kubicki!

This is a review left by writer Jerry Kubicki for Flight Into Darkness ( on  I’ve mentioned before that reviews on do not read across to and, although I have 6 good reviews on, this is only the second on .com.  I’m pleased because this is the first review that has resulted from the Goodreads review group activity:

“I thought the plot of this book was very interesting and plausible. The hero is just your average aviation accident investigator who jumps to many conclusions and is sometimes proven right. He is sent to investigate a plane crash in Saudi Arabia, but soon discovers that the crash was no accident. Something much more deviant is afoot. He spends most of his time rushing from place to place, mostly to cities that I have never visited or even intend to visit.There is a vast amoung of technicial jargon, inner workings of a bureaucracy, Politics and even spurts of romance. There is also the obligatory terrorist organization at the center of the evil plot . It is much like the real world. It was a good read.”

Jerry has written ‘A Dubious Curse’ ( but has only one review at the moment, so I’ll read it and leave a review.

As part of my obligation to the review group, I have reviewed ‘Far Forward’ by C F Waller (  This was an interesting book somewhere between cops & badguys and SciFi.  I enjoyed it.  He has 41 reviews now but what surprised me was that, despite some critical reviews (criticism of the editing standards, not the story), it is full of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.  For example: ‘waive’ instead of ‘wave’, ‘per say’ instead of ‘per se’, confusion between the possessive, contraction and plural use of ‘s,  etc.  I could go on but I would never let a book go public with so many annoying mistakes on each page.  One reviewer gave up at Page 50.  It shows a lack of care and attention to detail.  That said, it’s really well written, is a great story and I could see it as a film.  I’ve been in touch with the author and he says he’ll sort it out this summer.  I would do it now.

Finally, looking back on the first week of the KDP promotion, I’ve had 26 downloads of Flight Into Darkness.  OK, it’s not setting the world on fire but I’m pleased, overall.  This should be seen against the backdrop of doing no promotion up to the end of January; ie, about 6 downloads in 18 months!  I’m told that setting the price at zero and promoting it hard will result in more downloads (but no reviews and no money) but it seems to me that, below a certain price, sales are more a matter of marketing than price.  The difference between $0 and $0.99 is not a lot, after all. My guess is that sales are more related to publicity and they’re not that price-sensitive.


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