Great promotion idea from Goodreads review group

Getting reviews is what it’s all about if you’re an unknown writer and I’m currently pushing hard.  I have to say it’s an uphill push but getting more downloads will push my book up the Amazons rating ladder and that’s also important but it’s a chicken-and-egg thing; which comes first?

Goodreads member Abby Vandiver has had a great idea and has set up an author’s review group.  Here’s the idea:  You get a group of sixteen writers together and they all agree to reduce their prices to $0.99 on one day (today as it happens).  Then everyone downloads all of the books and agrees to review four of them in the next two months. the reviews go on, and Goodreads.  So, in one exercise, it achieves four reviews, 16 sales and each book should climb up the ratings; it’s honest and efficient and all for an outlay of less than $16.  Clever, huh?

Here are the details from Abby:

1. You must reduce your book price to $.99. (I think we have two free books.) Amazon sometimes takes a few hours to make changes to your book. If you have to lower the price of your book be sure to do it with enough time that the new price will be reflected by the 7th.

2. So far, there are fourteen (14) authors participating in this swap. I do have a couple more that want to be included but have not sent me their information. You must purchase every book on the list. (See list below.) You may purchase your book if you like as well. But you must buy the thirteen (13) other books. DO NOT PURCHASE A BOOK THAT IS NOT $.99. If the author did not make a change in time or forgot to lower the price of the book, it will not be purchased as part of this swap. If there is a discrepency and authors are short of purchases, all participants will be required to send me a screenshot (print screen) of your Kindle Library Page showing your purchases for that day. I will send my page to another author, chosen at random, to verify my purchases. If you do not purchase the books, no reviews will be done on your book. But first remember that some authors may be located in places other than the U.S., so be sure to check other Amazon sites. I’ll help anyone who doesn’t know how to do it.

3. If you have previously purchased a book you must still buy it in this swap. Amazon will not let you purchase a book that you already have in your Library, you must remove it first. To do that, go to “My Account” chose “Manage My Kindle” and click on the drop down menu on the “Action” button next to the name of that book. Then click “Delete from library.”


4. When purchasing the books, please “Like” the author’s Amazon Author Page. This is just a courtesy.

5. You may purchase the book at any time on Feb. 7. If you live in a country other than the U.S., please be sure to make your purchases at a time when it’s Friday, Feb. 7, here.

6. Authors be sure to check the number of Kindle sales you have for the week the night before the swap so that you can keep an accurate count of the purchases on Friday.

7. We are all required to review four (4) books. You may review more books if you like.

8. All authors must send me the name of the four books from the list below that they would like to review as well as two alternate books by tomorrow, as soon as possible. Do not pick a book you have already reviewed. I will endeavor to give everyone the books they chose to review, however, it is on a first come, first served basis.

9. You have two month to review the books you picked. Of course, I cannot enforce #6, but I would hope that everyone will fulfill their obligation as a member of this swap group. Please post all reviews on Amazon US, UK and Goodreads. Barnes and Noble is optional. If you want your review posted on other sites please let the reviewer know.


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