Another great review for Flight Into Darkness!

I’m so pleased!  I’ve had another good review for FID at, so that’s  The review is by ‘Glitterbomb’, whoever that is!:

“I loved the opening of this book! I read the start of the book via the ‘Look Inside’ and decided to buy it as it was only a couple of quid at the time. It draws you in once you start reading, and I really liked the overall story (not wanting to give anything away). The other reviewers mentioned that you don’t necessarily need to be interested in aircraft to enjoy this book, and I’d agree with that. The main characters are engaging, but my only criticism would be that we didn’t need to see a soft side to the bad guy – it would have made for a more gripping ride if he had remained in the shadows I think. That being said, I still really enjoyed the book.”

Obviously a person with impeccable taste!


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