Great Wednesday for Flight Into Darkness

This is a revision of my last blog.  Just a quick update on the progress of the KDP Countdown promotion of Flight Into Darkness (  It is now $0.99 on and £0.99 on, so the system works.  I’d expected the UK equivalent of $0.99 (ie 0.65) but I think £0.99 is the lowest that will allow but what’s a few pence between friends?  The promo will run until Friday night for .com and Saturday night for  I  have checked sales to date.  Guess what?  Zero!  Well, I didn’t expect instant results; I think it’s going to be more a case of a gradually increasing profile before that results in sales from people who don’t know me.  To be honest, most of my sales over the past year or so have been to friends and family  and that has to change if the book is to have a realistic commercial future.

The other good news is that my activity on Twitter is paying off and my tweets about the promotions have been retweeted to around 10,000 people.  That’s what I call coverage!


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