Getting on the Goodreads Author Program

Sorry about the colonial spelling of ‘programme’ but Goodreads is American!

OK, many of you will be familiar with Goodreads but it’s a mistake to think it’s only for readers it’s well set up to benefit writers as well.  And, don’t forget it has 25 MILLION members!  I’m still stumbling my way around the site and it’s rather confusing and in some aspects not very intuitive if you want to do something unusual.  However, getting on Goodreads is easy and once you’re on, you can apply to get on their Author Program via your profile page.  You HAVE TO APPLY for the Author Program and your application is reviewed by a human being, not a machine.  Once you’ve been accepted the world is yours!  To be more precise, here is the info they sent me:

Welcome to the Goodreads Authors program! We have upgraded your profile to an official author account. Your special status as a Goodreads Author gives you greater access to the millions of readers in our Goodreads community—so expect to get to know some passionate book lovers!

To begin, please read our author guidelines on how best to interact with readers online.

Your Profile
Make your profile a dynamic destination for curious readers. Here are some of the features you can use on your profile:
* Add a picture and bio
* Write a blog and generate a band of followers
* Publicize upcoming events
* Share book excerpts and other writing
* Write a quiz about your book or a related topic
* Post videos
* Add a link to your personal website or blog and add the Goodreads Author widget to show off reviews of your books

Promoting Your Books
Get the word out! Here are some of the promotional tools available on Goodreads:
* Sign up to advertise your book to up to 25 million members
* List a book giveaway to generate buzz
* Lead a Q&A discussion group for readers
* Participate in discussions, both on your profile and in the discussion forums for your books

Managing Your Book Data
You can now edit your own book data, which includes uploading cover art, adding ISBN numbers, and expanding the book’s description. Click the book title, then “edit.” For a book to appear in your list of published works, the author name listed for the book must match yours exactly (spacing and punctuation counts). A few trouble-shooting tips:
* How to add missing titles to the database
* How to separate titles by a different author of the same name

Start at your author dashboard:

Help Make the Author Program Even Better
Join the Author Feedback Group:


– The Goodreads team © 2014 Goodreads Inc · 188 Spear Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105


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