Today’s the day…Flight Into Darkness for 99 cents!

Today’s the day when my experiment with Amazon KDP Select ‘Countdown Deal’ goes live.  Briefly, I’ve reduced the price of Flight Into Darkness ( to $0.99 from 9am Monday to Friday of this week.  I have to set the price in USD because I live in Portugal and have to use rather than  The big mystery will be: What price will Amazon set for  It should be about 65p but let’s wait and see.  This is one of the bizarre things about Amazon; you cannot set the price for other countries apart from US and UK, Amazon sets it itself.  For instance, when I click on FID, the price to me now (0820h) is $3.68.  Huh?  When I go to it won’t give me a price and redirects me to .com.

I’ll let y’all know at 0900!


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