Getting promotions on

I had a response from Amazon on the problem raised in the last post.  Their reply was:

From the content of your message I understand that you are trying to schedule a Kindle countdown deal for Your book needs to meet these conditions to be eligible for a Kindle Countdown Deals promotion:

•    Enrolled in KDP Select for at least 30 days
•    Unchanged digital list price for at least 30 days
•    Digital list price between £1.93 – £14.99 in which in this case is OK.

If your book qualifies, go to your KDP Dashboard and click the “Manage Benefits” link next to the book you want to promote.

For more detailed instructions, visit this page:

If you are still unable to schedule the Kindle countdown deal for UK please contact us back and we’ll look into it.

In addition, the Kindle countdown deals are only available for and

OK, I tried it and it works.  The promotion of Flight Into Darkness at $0.99 in UK starts on 5 February but the bottom line is that KDP promotions have to be set up in and separately and they run separately.  I’m still amazed that they don’t talk to each other…


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