Bugger…KDP Countdown Deal. Amazon.com doesn’t talk to Amazon.co.uk

Well, the 99 cent price for Flight Into Darkness (http://getBook.at/FlightIntoDarkness) went live on Amazon.com at 0900h.  I checked with my darlin’ daughter in England to see what the UK price is (I don’t have access to UK pricing from Portugal) but she confirmed that it remains at its original £2.04.  So much for Amazon KDP Countdown Deals.  The great US of A may be the world’s biggest book market but I want the deal to apply worldwide and the UK is a pretty big market as well.  I’d have thought it reasonable for different Amazon sites to talk to each other and when the price of the book is set on .com it transfers immediately to .co.uk and the other currencies, so why doesn’t the discount apply across the board?

I’ve asked Amazon for a solution and will let y’all know.


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