I have been recommended to look at Goodreads ( which is beginning to be a kind-of Facebook for people who love books.  I was luke-warm at frst because I’m a writer and want something that’s going to help me promote my books.  OK; I’m a reader as well, of course – probably 50 books a year – but my priority right now is to promote.  It turns out that Goodreads is rather flexible and you can post details of your book as author and then join various forums (fora?) related to self-publication and also promote your book, within certain limits.  It seems to be a nice, well-organised moderated community.  So, it’s all rather new to me but I’ve joined it and have applied for librarian status to allow me to edit details of me and my books (it was set up by Ade Bulla who is very familiar with Goodreads processes).  To do this, you need to have read >50 books and have read the Librarian’s manual.  I await their decision.

Goodreads is really good for readers and I recommend a look-see if you like books.  I think it is owned by Amazon.  Isn’t everything?


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