Getting the show on the road

I think I’ve had a Damascene moment.  After sitting on my marketing hands for 18 months, I’ve suddenly decided that it’s time I started seriously marketing all of my novels via Twitter and using the promotional help of Amazon.  After all, waiting for reviews and waiting and waiting has done no good.  I did actually get my royalties for past three months from Amazon and I’ll try not to spend it all at once –  I think it was around 8€.

OK, clearly doing nothing is not the best thing to do, so what is?  I’d been advised to have a Facebook launch party but as this attracts only friends and family, I suspect I won’t bother.  Twitter seems far more powerful except that I have only 55 followers.  Solution?  Get active on twitter, retweet, tweet, etc and hope that a follower with 1000 followers will retweet.    This can set off a chain reaction if a few of those retweet.  This is quite important because, if you only have 55 followers, chances are that few will see your tweet and it’s soon gone.  For this reason, I’ve decided to do what so many seem to be doing, and that is to tweet more-or-less the same thing a few times a day.  Some may frown.  Some may tut. I don’t see any alternative.

Initially, I was nervous about such overt self-promotion on Twitter because I was advised that it was frowned upon but it seems that everyone is up to it.  In fact, I’ve noticed that a number of people are doing automatic tweets and retweets which can get a bit tedious but, hell, maybe I’ll join them.  What do I have to lose?  Twitter is free even though it’s time-consuming.  So, I’ve written a series of tweets that I can post to avoid repetition and will post a selection every day.  Each has the booklinker link and the title of the novel.  What I’m hoping is that these will get retweeted and hit a wider audience.

Next step.  I want to concentrate promotion on one book at a time (whilst still pushing all five).  Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing can help with this because you can reduce the price for a limited period and advertise the fact on Twitter.  So, I’ve reduced the price of Flight Into Darkness to $0.99 from 3rd to 7th February.  You can give the books away but none of the lucky recipients can leave a review and I think that it almost implies a lack of quality if you have to give something away simply to get a lot of downloads.  In any case, $0.99 is almost a give away.   Then I’ll tweet variations on this a few times a day:

Flight Into Darkness hi-tech #thriller: KDP Promotion: Only $0.99 from 3 to 7 February! All 5* reviews on Amazon.

I’ve set $0.99 (ie, US dollars) because these promotional tools can only be accessed from but I think the benefits must flow across all Amazon sites.  I’ll check next week with  Doing the promotion with KDP is easy:

1.  Log on to and go to your bookshelf

2.  Under KDP Select, click ‘manage benefits’

3.  Select either ‘Kindle Countdown Deal’ or ‘Free Book Promotion’

4.  Select price, start date and end date

…and that’s it.  I’ll let you know how I get on.


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