The silence ends!

My word, I’ve been quiet on this blog!  Why? I hear you ask…well, it’s because each new idea I get for a novel leads to about 50 pages before I realise it’s not going to work.  In the case of The Flood, it’s because I wanted rational treatment of the Enoch and Noah stories but they are not really amenable to such treatment.   In any case,I’ve been doing a lot of reading into the esoteric and am starting to accept the non-rational, a subject I’ve touched on earlier (what are we made of?).  In addition I’d created a Utopian world for Enoch’s people which I felt was totally unconvincing as those prototypical Hebrew tribes would have been at each other’s throats, then as now.

So, what next?  I’ve been doing a hell of a lot of reading and have a Kindle now (good for Amazon, bad for my bank balance) and have decided to re-energise my attempts to market my existing novels, concentrating first on Flight Into Darkness.  I’ve been in touch with fellow writer Adriano (Ade) Bulla and he’s recommended a number of things which I’ll try.  First, get active on Twitter again.  Done.  Second, get more reviews.  WIP.  Third, create new links that can be used in social media using  Done.  Apparently it connects to your international Amazon site so it will be useful if it works as advertised.  The link is:  Paste it into your browser and see where it takes you.  Amazing! Well, almost amazing….mine takes me to, not but if you are in UK, it might take you to, I don’t know.  I’ll get my daughter to check it out. (Postscript:  Yes, it works.  Thanks Becky!)

Next is to get onto Shelfari, apparently, although it seems to me to be a service for readers rather than writers.  Still, nothing to be lost.

Next is to get interviewed by the local press.  My partner has managed to get a great interview for his new doggie hotel and I’ll try for something similar both in the Portugal News and one of the local glossies, although I don’t think the next one comes out until April.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity.  I had been planning a Facebook launch party and maybe a free offer for a few days, but FB is really only for friends and if you give the book away for free, the readers cannot leave reviews and that’s what it’s about.  We’ll see.

As a complete aside, I’ve just finished reading Ade Bulla’s ‘The Road to London’ ( and was bowled over by it.  I left a review in my own lame style but cannot do better than to post here someone else’s review which is right on target:

This first novel by Adriano Bulla certainly does not disappoint. The Road to London is a work of wonder and lyrical intensity. Bulla writes with a richness that must be read to be believed; his language has a vivid sensuality, and each word seems perfectly chosen. In each chapter, the lines of reality and dream are blurred, and we as readers explore the complexities of the human soul. Described by Bulla himself as a `spiritual novel’, The Road to London is a novel to be reckoned with, one which contains a depth of perception hitherto unseen, a broad originality that one can only envy. We can only hope that this elusive author and poet will continue to write and astound. Read with awe. And read with wonder.

The only problem with reading work like this is that it makes you despair of ever being able to do anything as good. However, as my old mate Adele says:  ‘Don’t compare yourself though. We all do that. I’m reading a book at the moment by AM Homes called May we all be forgiven and it makes my writing look like shit. So there you go. We are our own worst critics.’

She’s so right. I hope.


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