A Comedy for the End of Time

Listen! I’ve had an idea!  I’ve been wanting to write a set of short stories that are parables for the 21st Century.  Working title is ‘A Comedy for the End of Time’.  The subjects are therefore global warming & climate change, BigPharma, the blogosphere, WMDs in the hands of terrorists….you know…the usual stuff.  Have a look at http://www.jamesmartin.com/film/watch.cfm which gives some interesting background and ideas.

Followers of this blog will note that I am finding self-publishing heavy going on the marketing side.  This is because I have come to realise that to successfully launch a book as an unknown writer  you need to know about a thousand people who will actively read, review and tweet.  Anything less is farting against thunder.

Now, here’s the idea:  a number of us unpublished writers get together and compile a set of short stories based on the above premise.  The overall style should be light and ironic but this doesn’t preclude tragedy.  The only central character is a Beelzebub/Mephistopheles character who appears and nudges the occasional elbow at the right time.  He can be a she of course…equal opportunities, M/F.  I’ll publish a draft prologue to give you the general idea.  Watch this space.

The plan is that this should be a cooperative, democratic and fun.  We will jointly decide which stories make it by voting and we cannot vote for our own.   My only proviso is that each story should be professionally edited.  Once we have a compilation that we’re all happy with, we self-publish on Amazon for the Kindle, then…here’s the clever bit…we ALL do the marketing and shotgun the world.  I’m posting this on The Word Cloud as well.  if you’re interested, please give me a shout!  My email address is rogerjhardy100@yahoo.co.uk and I can be contacted on Skype (rogerjhardy100) or on 00351 282 354058.  Drop round for a coffee!


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