– down the toilet?

Sorry for no blogs for a while but I’m still waiting for reviews and there was nothing much to report but now there is!  I just had a phone call from a US number.  She announced herself as Melissa Adams and wanted to promote Flight Into Darkness for me.  She works for Bookwhirl ( and they can offer everything that any self-publishing writer could need.  Sounds too good to be true?  Yup.  I smelt a rat immediately as they put me through to a special marketing consultant who was reading from a script and it was clear that he had not read the book.  As they were droning on, I googled Bookwhirl and did a bit of background reading.  Then I hit on Lee Goldberg’s old blog from 2008 (—-greetings—-i-am-jen.html) and he has an entire section devoted to this scam.  Maybe they’re genuine, maybe they’re not but I told them I was only prepared to invest time, not money.  I suggested that publishing and marketing companies should make their money as a percentage of the sales based on the work they do.  They apparently had not heard of this innovative concept.  They prefer you to give them $599 upfront.

They said they’d call me back.  Not too soon I hope.

What distresses me is that the cozy old world of publication is transforming itself into a jungle with predators and scammers who just want yer money.  Brave new world.

In the meantime, I now have three 5-star reviews, two on and one on  The interesting thing is that the latter was left by a ‘Cristina’.  Now I don’t know a Cristina, so could this be my first review by someone that doesn’t know me?  Please, people…a review…a review…have pity on the starving artist…


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