Indie e-book review website

Omigod II!  Third post today but this is something that I really must share.  My old friend and former St Trinian’s head girl, Naomi Gluckstein, pointed me to a Guardian article (see the comment in my last post below).  This is an interesting article that does little to clear the fug away from the quicksand of self-publishing but it does have a couple of links that may be really useful.  This is one, based in the UK:  It’s a blog that offers a review services if they think your book interests them.  You post it on their Facebook page ( and….wait, I guess.

The other is the Self-Publishing Review (, based in the USA.  They charge a fee of $75 which seems reasonable to me.  They require:

When submitting a book for review, please provide the following (you’ll be prompted to submit this info after payment):

1. Author/Book Link
2. Synopsis
3. Genre
4. Blurbs (if any)
5. Format you prefer to send: eBook or hardcopy

I’m going to try it and see what happens.  Again, watch this space.



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