Kick-starting the marketing….again

Now that the house move is over, I’ve started the new marketing initiative for Flight Into Darkness.  I’ll keep it short but have decided that the steps should be:

1.  Contact friends and family directly by email and ask them to download the book then leave an honest review on Amazon.  I need reviews because that’s the only way that people who don’t know me might decide to download the book after the ‘launch party’.  If I get ten reviews I’ll be happy; I only have two at present.  I emailed about thirty directly.

2.  Contact my old employer’s (EASA) corporate communications department and also the head of the same department at the European Defence Agency;  I know them both.  I’ve asked them if they might give the initiative a mention in their internal newsletters.

3.  Start Tweeting.  Nothing overt but just to build up a head of steam.

4.  Once I have some reviews, I’ll fix a date for the Facebook launch party.  I tossed up whether to have a separate Facebook profile for FID but decided against it as I’d also have to import all my friends from my personal FB page.

5.  Fix a date for the launch party.  Keep up comments and blog entries, tweeting and various other social networking sites such as the Word Cloud to establish a presence and some kind of following.

6. On the day, try to get as many people to download the book as possible to get somewhere on Amazon’s bestseller list, if only for a few days.

7.  Then continue the publicity barrage and hope that word-of-mouth will eventually take over.  Plan for six months for this to happen.

That’s it.  I’m sure it’ll be far harder work than it seems but I’ve done everything else and now need to get the marketing right.  Even the best product can fail if the marketing is not right and I have no one else to do it, only me.  At least it’ll only cost me my time and might even be fun!



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