Yes! A review!

Yaaayyy!  I’ve had a review!  You can read it at but I’ve pasted it here:

“I found the product description above to be totally accurate. That is saying something really because sales blurb so often overstates. The author has clearly done a lot of research (or perhaps has personal experience?) regarding the places and people who inhabit the plot which I found helped the yarn along no end. Having worked in the aviation world all my life I found the aviation related detail particularly convincing. I had a few punctuation and proof-reading issues with the first chapter but if you find those don’t let them put you off as they are certainly not typical of the book as a whole. Highly recommended.”

And it’s not just any review.  The reviewer is John Farley who is one of UK’s iconic test pilots; he developed the Harrier jump jet and we worked together about twenty years ago when he did the flight-testing of two of the aircraft for FLS Aerospace when I was Chief Designer there.  Like most test pilots I have known, he is not like a test pilot at all, being modest, unassuming and absolutely professional.  He’s written an autobiographical book as well, so if you’re interested in the view from the cockpit, I recommend it:

Thanks, John!




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