So, who knows Stephen Fry?

The past few days have been dominated by marketing efforts for Flight Into Darkness (  but sometimes I feel as if I’m shouting from inside a soundproofed room.  I’ve tried to do everything right, as recommended: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, The Word Cloud, Amazon, ISBN Agency listing, free downloads, doing reviews of other peoples’ books in the hope that they will reciprocate, all that good stuff.  And yet, it seems to be having little impact.  Ok, I know I’m impatient and this will be a long slog, but what more could I do?

There’s one thing; a good marketing ploy is to get an endorsement from someone famous.  I don’t have any famous friends, my editor isn’t famous enough and is biassed in any case. Harry Bingham is tied up with the York Festival of Writing.  Then I started to think broader.  Amongst others, I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter because he’s witty, intelligent and always has some slantwise view of the world that’s worth reading.  His I3 debate performances with Christopher Hitchens were classics of rational clear thought in a mad word.  And yet, he has over 4 million followers and is a busy guy.  In any case, he’d probably think my book was a little beneath him.  Self-doubts, self-doubts, self-doubts.  Even so, I’d love to tweet him directly but I don’t suppose he’d notice so I haven’t.

Does anyone out there know him?  He’d be my endorser of choice…even if he only did a little retweet.   Just one.  To 4 million people!


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