The answer from Amazon KDP

Following on from my last blog below, here is what Amazon had to say in their useful and comprehensive reply (within about 6 hours – impressive):

“I can confirm your Kindle book is listed at a price of $$4.69.

If you’re browsing in the Kindle Store from a location outside of the United States, you may see a price higher than what you listed on the KDP website.

All items available in the Kindle Store are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). The availability and pricing of titles in global Kindle Stores may vary by home country or region, including taxes and other operating costs.

Also, your title is available for sale on the UK store. Kindle books in the UK Kindle Store are available for sale only to UK customers. If you visit the UK Kindle Store from a location outside of UK, you won’t see a buy box and price for the title.

I hope this helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP.”

So, it seems that the price you see depends on which country you are in and Amazon detects this.  Therefore, when I logon to from Portugal, I see no price because I cannot buy from but get a message that I should go to  When I go there, I see a dollar price of $7.69, not §4.69, a whole $3 dollars higher than I has asked.  I cannot do anything about this. The price you see depends on where you are living. However, for someone in the great US of A, they see $4.69.

Amazon is the elephant in the room and has become the all-powerful and dominant Microsoft of books.  Going with Amazon for eBooks means that it has to be exclusive and ultimately this will squash the competition.  OK, I agree and have decided to capitulated entirely to them but get the feeling that the publishing world is being subject to Blitzkrieg.  I just hope that I’ve picked the winning side!



5 Responses to The answer from Amazon KDP

  1. James Piper says:

    I’ve seen the no-price notice on Amazon UK because I’m in Canada and can’t buy there. Wasn’t aware of higher prices in other countries like Portugal. I know I see 70% and 35% royalties depending on the country of sale–although I don’t know what countries. The average list price is the same. The difference seems too large to be VAT or some type of sales tax. Not sure though.

    I find the email responses I get from Amazon on KDP questions are wanting. At times I know they haven’t even read what I wrote. Sad.

    An elephant? You bet. Anti-compeition laws in US will kick in somwhere and somehow. A developing store.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m starting to think that dealing with Amazon is a bad idea. They don’t play nice with non-Americans, and they’re trying their damnedest to demolish any competition. Siding with them is a deal with the devil.

  2. rogerjhardy says:

    Actually, they seem to play fair with nationalities where they ‘have a presence’, ie, US, UK, Germany, France, India and Italy; the prices are as expected. It’s in the other countries where there’s a problem and no control over the prices which bear no relation to the author’s wishes. They provide no justification for this. I guess, from their perspective, those countries where they have a presence (sounds sinister, doesn’t it?) probably make up 90% of their market so they don’t give a toss about the last 10%. Supping with the devil? Probably. But, if they dominate the marketplace, what choice do we have? Just call me Quisling…

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