There has been a forum topic on The Word Cloud regarding CreateSpace (see  Until yesterday I didn’t know what this was but it’s Amazon’s print-on-demand service for hard copy books:  I actually publish hard copy on Lulu but they are a small orgnisation compared to Amazon and there are almost certainly good arguments for jumping ship.  Well, I woke early this morning and decided to have a look at what was involved.  It’s very much like Lulu except that it automates a bit too much.  Having said that, it is user-friendly.   Fortunately, I had my formatted manuscript from Lulu (.DOC) which I resized for the standard US paperback format of 6″ x 9″.  I then got a free ISBN from them because it’s best to identify each version of the book separately to avoid confusion.

The cover caused me a few headaches.  I have the cover artwork from Robin Lustig but CreateSpace wants a PDF not a JPEG and I coudn’t convert from one to the other.  The alternative is to use their own cover wizard which rather defeats the purpose of having a decent cover designed.  Besides, their suggested covers are rather pedestrian.  In the end, I remembered that when covers are created by Lulu, they let you download the complete one-piece cover as PDF so I spent a bit of time there creating the cover I wanted, then uploaded it to CreateSpace.  Now, all I have to do is wait 48 hours for the complete book to be available.   The book will then be available as hard copy and as an eBook for other eReader.  It also gives the option of uploading to Kindle but I did that yesterday so decided not to confuse myself further.  The whole process took me two hours and three cups of tea.

Incidentally, the links I gave yesterday for the Kindle version of Flight Into Darkness were for (they require me to use this as I’m outside the UK).  The Amazon UK link to the book is:

My UK author’s page is:

Actually, I think that the Amazon system recognises which country you are in and redirects you.

That’s it.  Time for another cuppa, then face the day.




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