Amazon glitch…

Damn.  The webpage for FID was working fine yesterday but today it states ‘pricing information is not available’.  Well, it was yesterday.  With, everything is fine except that the price is far higher than the one I set.  The trouble is that if you are in the UK, you cannot buy from .com, it has to be  So, currently, no one in UK can buy the book.  First major glitch, but if it’s happened to me it’ll happen to others so I’m setting out the problem and will report what Amazon have to say.  I’ve sent them this:

“I recently uploaded my novel ‘Flight Into Darkness’ to Amazon for the Kindle.  I am British but live in Portugal.  I have to use rather than  The entry for the book is fine for ( although the price is higher than the one I set (why?).  However, for it states ‘pricing information is not available’ (see  I set my prices correctly and they were there yesterday but not today.  It is therefore not possible for people to buy the book.

Today I uploaded to CreateSpace but didn’t use it to create the Kindle version as I wanted two different ISBNs for hard copy and eBook.  Has that caused the problem? 

Please help as I’m trying to launch a book in the UK that readers there cannot buy….”

I’ll let you know what they reply.


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