Omigod, it all happened so fast…

Stop press!  Flight Into Darkness is now available as a Kindle download.  I can hardly believe that it all happened so quickly. This morning I thought I’d  start preparing things but it was all so simple that…well, it’s done.  So, ‘Flight Into Darkness’ can now be downloaded from  One thing I don’t understand is that I asked for a price of £2.99 whereas it has appeared on at $7.69; I must look into that.  The next thing is to stop the free downloads from my website as they go against Amazon’s conditions.  Tomorrow.  What I need now are reviews…REVIEWS!  Good or bad, I don’t care.  Books sell by word-of-mouth!

It seems I even have an Author page:

So much in one day.  I also had my interview at International House, Lisbon for the CELTA English language teacher training course and got in.  The interview was aimed at telling me what was involved, the intensive nature of the course (120h teaching + 120h homework in 4 weeks)  and asking me whether I really wanted to put myself through that torture.  My answer was ‘yes’.  That’s a new chapter that’s opening up as well.



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