The new cover

Designing good covers for books is a distinct art form, I’ve discovered.  I’ve been an artist in a previous life and thought I could do it myself but the simple fact is that I can’t.  When I look at the work produced by the professionals, they make my paltry efforts look totally pedestrian.  I chose Robin Lustig because I liked the visual impact of her work (she’s a female robin not a cockrobin).  Here’s the process:

1.  Email her and she’ll come back with the Ts and Cs and ask you to give him a synopsis of your book and any ideas that you may have for a cover.

2.  She then takes your ideas, throws them in the bin and comes up with her own.  It’s at this point that you realise that covers have to be designed by a professional.  In my case she gave me a couple of choices and they  look good.  I selected one.

3.  Robin sends you the links to the pictures that make up his mockup.  They are at Dreamstime,  You have to pay for the images but they’re not expensive.  Mine cost about $40 for three.  You download them in large format, royalty-free.  The files are around 5MB.

4.  Send them to her as email attachments or you can use Dropbox (

5.  She won’t do any more work until you have paid a deposit of $80 and I did this by phone (or you can use PayPal).  The cover may be done within this cost (he charges $80/hour) but any additional work is charged an the basis of 15 minute chunks.  Normal cost is $80-120 per cover.

6.  She then produces the covers and this takes around 5-7 working days.  I’ll post them when they arrive.  Can’t wait.


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