Help! I need a cover designer…

Well, I’ve thought long and hard about it and have decided to shelve the current WIP on the basis that I think it is trite and formulaic.  I’ll wait until I get a new idea but might rework it sometime.

Right now, I have to concentrate on the process of getting Flight Into Darkness onto Amazon for the Kindle (end of this month).  I designed my own covers for the Lulu hardbacks but I’d like to have something more professional for the Kindle, so, I’m on the lookout for a good, inexpensive cover designer.  If anyone has any contacts, please let me know, either here or email me at  I’ve tweeted the request as well so we’ll see who pops up.   I think that the burgeoning eBook market will be a great opportunity for a budding artist.

With the experience of publishing the first, I then plan to publish The Zarathustra Principle and The Eye of Sayf-Udeen, spaced a  month apart.  Artcore and Miracle , I’ll think about but there’s nothing to be lost in doing those as well.  For the time being, they’re all free as PDF downoads from


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