A review…my kingdom for a review…

Well, it’s now a couple of weeks since my website (http://rogerhardynovels.info/) went live and I made all my novels available for free downloads as PDF files.  There have been quite a few downloads but what I really need is for some kind soul to read one or more and leave a review!  Then I can add those to the website and (with the reviewer’s permission) use them when I start the marketing drive that will be necessary when I Kindle the books and upload them to Amazon at the end of August.  I’ll probably start with Flight Into Darkness (http://rogerhardynovels.info/flight-into-darkness.html) and The Zarathustra Principle (http://rogerhardynovels.info/the-zarathustra-principle.html)  The former is strict mystery/thriller genre and the other is rather mystical and literary.  Of course, the others are OK as well but these two have the best chance of making it.  Actually, I always liked The Eye of Sayf-Udeen as well (http://rogerhardynovels.info/the-eye-of-sayf-udeen.html).  And Artcore (http://rogerhardynovels.info/artcore.html), though it’s not for the sqeamish.  I self-published them all on Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/carvoeiro) and the funny thing is that Miracle in Carvoeiro (http://rogerhardynovels.info/miracle-in-carvoeiro.html), my rather imperfect first novel, outsells all of the others.  Maybe there’s hope…..


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