Twittering Barclays – Diamond stuff

This is an aside but one of the things about Twitter is how amusing the tweets can be.  Following the resignation of the odious Bob Diamond from Barclays, here are a few examples:

Sir Mervyn King‏@SirMervynKing yes, THE Sir Mervyn King

If you’d like to contribute to Bob Diamond’s leaving collection please just continue to pay your taxes.

Douglas Fraser‏@BBCDouglsFraser

Bob Diamond quits Barclays to spend more time with his bonus.

Alistair Coleman‏@scaryduck

Bob Diamond’s resignation ends “You have been charged a £30 administration fee for this letter”. Old habits die hard.

Steve Pinches‏@sjpinches

Very annoyed Bob Diamond resignation doesn’t include the words ‘I’d have got away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids’.

Simon Blackwell‏@simonblackwell

Bob Diamond to be replaced with Bob Cubic Zirconia. You’ll barely notice the difference.

Michael Rosen‏@MichaelRosenYes

Bob Diamond told me that if you give a man a gun, he can rob the bank, if you give a man a bank, he can rob the world.

Willard Foxton‏@WillardFoxton

You think Bob Diamond looks good for sixty, but he’s just had someone in the back office adjust his age down by 4.67 basis points.

Philippe Legrain‏@plegrain

Who is the UK’s biggest welfare claimant? Bob Diamond, whose £20m+ pay comes from government subsidies to Barclays.

Mark Thomas‏@markthomasinfo

How do we get criminal charges brought against Bob Diamond et al ? Simple, just need to find CCTV of them nicking bottle of water in riots.

Priceless!  That’s one of the strengths of Twitter: you’re limited to 160 characters so really have to make every word count and that’s something that we writers also have to do.  What a shame I bank with Barclays…..


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